Sometime in March of 2016, I came up with a short list of things that are aspects of a twin relationship. I spoke with Mamma Twin flame, Robin Dearest, and she agreed with them too. You may have one or two with a soulmate, but not all of these. There’s a MAJOR difference between a soulmate and a twin flame. Sometimes, it takes years to understand the difference. A twin flame will always remain in your heart.

The ten solid aspects of a twin flame relationship are the following

  1. Fear mirroring and emotional button pushing. I just wrote a blog about this, please read it. In short, love or fear mirrors between the two twins based upon how loving or fearful they are. Since as humans, we are taught to protect ourselves through ego, once a fear begins to mirror, it tends to get very ugly between twins in a short period of time. This is why most twins can’t stay together too long before separation. It just hurts too much. We act out in fear instead of love and it’s very hard to control. As far as emotional button pushing goes: If you have it in your mind and it’s not in line with love, they will push that button. They’re like a circular energy that goes up and down your whole soul and points out where you are still not aligning and also have weakness. Your twin will illuminate your weaknesses and you will know it’s a weakness because it will hurt.
  2. Unconditional love and forgiveness. As twins we love our twin so much that we can forgive them, over time, at lighting speed. You won’t be able to stay mad at your twin because you always love them, no matter what. This gives both parties absolute freedom to what whatever they need to in order to learn their lessons. Twins ALWAYS love each other. Even in separation. The ego wall that comes up in separation of “I can’t deal with this” tends to make it seem like they don’t love you. They do. They always do. They can’t not love you. (And they will always think you are the cutest, too.)
  3. The stages. You both follow the stages of a twin flame relationship. Strong love and energy stage to fighting out insecurities stage to separation stage to surrender stage to dropping ego stage to reuniting stage. The stages were written by other twins that had to go through it. My twin and I have gone through most of the stages. Sometimes you go back and forth through the stages. There are also stages within separation, like the “I don’t believe my twin is coming back” stage,  which each twin goes through on their own.
  4. Inability to detach/move on. If you know they are the one, then it makes it very hard to get into other relationships. Most regular relationships are easy to get over. I’ve had many, so I know. It tends to feel like you can’t move on or you are stuck. When a normal relationship ends, you go through a period of mourning and depression then letting go and acceptance. For twins, as we never truly LET GO, our letting go can be found in trusting the Universe’s plan and also refocusing on ourselves to work on breaking our fears to be able to have reunification.
  5. Emotional rollercoastering for years. Usually emotions are highest during moon phases. We will be fine and then emotions hit, out of nowhere, months or years later and we are just not fine. Your twin may be thinking about you at that moment.
  6. Feeling them/ constantly thinking of them/signs/telepathy. The amount of times in a day that you think of your twin will far surpass the amount of times that you would think of a normal boyfriend/girlfriend. You will notice this more so in separation. My theory is that we are metaphysically entwined, very much like twin particles/quantum entanglement, we are connected from WITHIN. I have never had a hard time getting someone out of my head before. With the twin flame coming to you and leaving, you think of them hundreds to thousands of times a day. It is very overwhelming, but it does fade (a bit) over time. All twins have signs that make them think of their twin. It is something we designate inside of ourselves. As twins, we can also sense what the other feels, is up to, is happy or sad about. We can send each other messages with our minds and are also quite psychic. This psychic connection can extend to twin friends too. I’m psychic with most twins.
  7. Stalking. This happens, I think, because the soul looks for the other side.  It wants to re-merge back together which is an unbelievably powerful feeling that most of us have a very hard time to control. There are different levels of stalking. Sometimes, the levels go above and beyond normal just seeing what they are up to. It is like an obsession. This happens to many twins. The need to do this will fade as the separated twin refocuses their energy back to themselves. I do believe that once your twin and you are in separation, leaving them space and peace is essential to turning the situation around. Respect their space, don’t call or text, it’s important for healing. And do your best to not stalk your twin. You probably don’t want to know what they are up to anyway. It will just hurt you.
  8. Sleep disturbances/ very intense dreams. I tend to sleep like a rock with my twin and when he is away, I have difficulty sleeping. Many twin friends have spoke about this with me, that it happens to them, as well. Twins also have very elaborate dreams about their twins. Many discuss it as a way to talk to their twin, to send and receive information. Another sign of our strong connection.
  9. The inability to stay together unless fears have been broken. Fears and emotional reactions have to be squashed in order to deal with the other on a daily basis. If you are both not acting out of love, you will be acting out of fear and mirroring it quickly between you. This will become painful and hard to deal with quickly. I’ve seen it described that twins are “toxic” to each other before the fear has been broken. Regular relationships don’t do this.
  10. Seeing through to truth. Love is truth. It is understanding and gratitude. It is openness and sharing. As twins we can see through the fear (lies, deception, false information, ego-based decisions) to the truth, very easily, over time. Layers of fear and ego are what we were taught as humans as a survival skill. But as twins, we realize that there is no need for that protection if love is what connects us all. And we drop that ego layer, we must, to be able to connect to our twins.

As much as the twin flame relationship paradigm may feel weird or overwhelming at times, it does help illuminate what love truly is and also helps you become a better human by being more understanding and appreciative for what you do have. We are at a crucial time in history where fear is rising to show flaws within the systems we have instituted on this Earth. It is important that truth and love win. So we are watching this tense fight between love/truth and fear. Love is what connects us all. Let’s remember the love and drop the fear.