Strange things that occur

You meet your twin and odd things begin to happen. This is what prompted my twin and I to research why our energy was so high. Things that you may notice:

– Instant recognition

– Strong pull towards your twin like a magnet

– Shape shifting- Their shape will keep changing

– Psychic abilities/telepathy. You say something to yourself, they can feel it. If you are at a distance, you can speak to them and they will feel your energy. You will learn how to read their energy signatures over time.

– Past life. You will begin to remember past lives you have lived. Pieces come back over time.

-Sleep. You will sleep very soundly with them. They will wake you up if they are going to sleep in another time zone and you are sleeping. (thanks babe..zzzz)

– Inability to lie. They may lie, but you will read right through it.

– Picking up on insecurities. Just like psychic abilities, they can feel it and then they subconsciously push your buttons.

– Unconditional love. No matter what, they are the most important out of them all. Essentially, they should be, this is you.

-Thinking about your twin. You will probably think about your twin some thing like a million times a day. It will be the first thing you think of when you wake up. Sometimes they even jolt you awake.

-Sensing. You can sense where they are very easily.

-Energy. The energy between you both will be high. This is how I found out we were twins. We Googled Soulmates crazy energy” and I found it and sent it to him and he was like, “Yup, sounds like us.”

– Presence. You will know the other exists long before you meet.

– Dreams. You will dream about them often and very possibly before you have met.

-Symbols and signs. You will see 11:11 often, or twin numbers like 2222 and 3333. There will be their dates or number everywhere, their name, signs to remind you not to forget them. Songs will play at “just the right time.”

-Jealousy. You won’t be jealous because essentially, you are them and have lived what they have lived. So it doesnt bother you like with regular boyfriends/girlfriends. This tends to change during testing/crisis when things get messy.

-Opposite, but the same. They are so much like you but the exact compliment.

-“Twin” Many twins look VERY similar. I look like mine. Many twins have similar ethnic backgrounds with families from the same area.

-Fast. The relationship moves super fast and you will begin mirroring immediately. People will ask if you two are, “Going too fast.” And this will bother one twin. And the other twin won’t care.

– Mirroring. You can mirror love or fear. Which do you choose? Which ever one you do choose can bring either a good or unsavory result into your relationship.

-Fights. Fighting with your twin is downright painful. It is because you are fighting with yourself and old, outworn behaviors that need to be let go. The fear and doubt within a twin flame relationship are super painful and mirror horrifically into very strange mutations of negativity.

– Uncanny similarities in backgrounds, nationalities, names, dates, numbers, interests. The coincidences are overwhelming.

– Time changes. If you are just realizing that you have lived many lives, the perception of this one shortens instantaneously.

– The urge to merge. Sex is not only insane because it’s between the same soul, but you get the sense it wants to put itself back together to become one again. It makes everything more intense.

– A feeling of home. You hug them, you’re home. 😉

– The inability to forget them after separation occurs. There will be this feeling and it will stay with you. This will rollercoaster from the deepest pits of hell to a nagging, dull ache around the heart region. Fun.