Speak with a twin

It came to me last night that there are many twins that I know that can help twins that feel lost or confused with the process. After a series of texts, I have secured 7 twins, including myself, who can assist twins who need help or want to ask questions. I consider it as a twin flame information exchange.

Please click on a twin to email them.  Each twin accepts emails and will give you advice based on your need. They are the same who gave me advice when I went into separation, so I trust them. You may email whomever your would like.

M81 Galaxy






Please do not abuse the system. There are many twins who need help and the system must remain in good “faith.” Remember, as twins, we all mirror each other in a sense and are psychic. Be nice. Also, please be patient. We are doing this for the community to better it. It’s essential that fresh information gets exchanged as we learn new parts of the twin flame map daily. Since we’re all connected, this assists all twins.

Love and light.