Please remember

Thoughts to remember when down

  1. My twin loves me more than anyone else in the world.
  2. I am eternal and infinite.
  3. This understanding calms me.
  4. This understanding releases me from judgment and fear.
  5. I am not what I was taught, I am always learning and I forgive myself for things I have done and things my twin has done in the past.
  6. I do not base how I feel about my twin with egotistical judgments and fear, but with love and acceptance.
  7. Higher and higher and higher and higher and higher: that’s where were going and I look forward to all that life brings to me.
  8. I will not fall back on useless routines that have proven negative or stunting.
  9. Each day is a day closer to you: to my twin and to universal knowledge.
  10. I am love. My twin is love. We are all connected. We all love each other.
  11. I am a happy person that is excited about what is to come next.