Scientific/spiritual theory

Person comes into your life. You figure out that you are twin flames. This leads you on several goose chases for collecting information.

There are many ways to look at it. And only you and your twin can vouch for the validity of this phenomenon. Other’s are mere spectators taking it in.

If you are twin flames, then:

1. You have lived other lives/ you’ve been reincarnated.

2. You had a former agreement with this side of your soul made before you were born.

3. The Universe has written a story to surround you to teach you lessons, to bring you together, to pull you apart and teach you even more lessons so that you can come back together enlightened and ultimately ascend.

4. Quantum physics are a lot more fun than we thought 😉

5. There are many forces that we cannot see, but do exist. One way to see them is based on the guidelines previous twins have had to endure to write for us.

6. If there is a story written for you and your twin flame, then is there a story written for everyone on Earth? I think so.

7. The question then becomes, “How much free-will do we have?”

The spiritual side is how energy moves and is guided seamlessly and on it’s own accord. Invisibly. As twins we uncover more truth as time goes on. Past lives come into play and we start remembering other parts of our soul’s journey. We “remember” our twins and how “home” feels. We begin to see our soulmates as friends from past lives. Certain people stand out.

If we are energetic forms brought into the 3D, but with the knowledge of our spirituality, what can we do differently? I think your life changes a lot when you begin to sift through whats necessary as an energy form. Undoubtedly, negative energy must be either balanced or erased from our lives. As we move towards love and clearing out old behaviors and blockages from our energy, everything around us improves because we get a sense of how powerful we are, especially with love. We become fearless as we realize there really isnt anything that can stop us, as we are energy and that will last past our passings. The twin flame bond continues from life to life and cannot be broken.

I have found that I am not only psychic with other twin friends but also that we push each other’s buttons, similar to how our twin does. This is helpful because it just allows us to heal more of what irks us. We are also helpful to each other in that we can give each other help and hope with the journey.

As I wrote on the one page, I have been able to speak with the afterlife as well. It is energy and tends to come to me when it is necessary. Before my twin flame relationship I never had any of this knowledge. But it is as time goes on, things get so much broader and make much more sense. So many of us ask what is the reason for life and I think as twins we understand the main principle is to love.