How my life has changed being a twin flame

(Updated July 2015)

I had a previous version to this page and it has outworn itself. Before, I was griping about how hard it is to be a twin flame. It is hard to lose the love of your life, to have to separate, to work on yourselves independently. There is no reassurance that you will both come back together in this lifetime. But, that aside, the perks aren’t so bad.

After about a year, I realized that it was in my power to decide how to live and to what extent. How many people’s lives can I affect? How much change can I being forth in myself. So many people are focused on external causes of their pain, when truthfully, all of your pain comes from YOU. Once you accept yourself as responsible for what comes in and out of your life, you make peace with the past and begin to rewrite your life to what you see as the way you want it to be.

Over the past year I have become more psychic with my twin friends and all of those around me. I am also now able to speak to the other side, the after life, which really isnt on any other side. It’s right here, in front of our faces, in the same plane, technically. I am still getting used to this as ghosts are funny and will speak to you only when they see fit. Only the most necessary information slides across.

I think you learn how to love more and stronger and more patiently. My ability to keep up with the energy flowing around me has increased. Before I was much more selfish, wouldn’t reach out as much, felt the need to be alone more often. Now I am able to share more of my life and in essence, love deeper.

I am more at ease understanding and believing that the Universe has a plan. To trust that is to just let things be and relinquish control. One cannot control anything except themselves. So the idea is work on yourself and only radiate love as anything not coming from a place of love is coming from fear. Any energy sent out will be mirrored back to you in all cases. So be careful what you send out.

It takes awhile, but coming into my own understanding of self-empowerment makes me happier and freer as a person. I am not locked into a preconceived vision of perfection. I am an ever growing energy form connected to an amazing source of light and love.

My note to you is that it gets better and easier as time passes and understanding grows. All the dots line up. Everything makes sense. We all grow together.