Help During Separation

If you are in separation, this page is for you. I personally feel that all twins need help through this part because it is so large and transforming. To go through it alone is miserable. I sought out twins in the same situation as myself on Tumblr and this helped immensely. None of your friends and family are going to understand WHY, after THIS MANY MONTHS you are still talking about THIS PERSON!!! So don’t bother non-twins with your twin flames separation. Maybe for a bit, clue them in, but in time, talk to other twins about it. They will understand exactly what you’re going through.

I am going to allow comments on this page so that people can talk back and forth about their separation. I also have comments enabled on the blog, so that if you have something to say or need to release in some cathartic way, please do so. (Of course, negativity will be mirrored and is not appreciated, so keep it NICE)

During separation you are going to have to address all that ills you.







-Mental Illness that can be treated


-Confidence Issues

– Any human foible that doesn’t align with love

All really fun things to talk about!

I say that jokingly, but I am going through it myself.

The fastest way to do so is to address your core beliefs. Core beliefs are a set of beliefs that were set via teachers/elders/parents that usually don’t completely align with your soul and soul purpose. Therefore, making the above issues gleam. If you’re wondering where you need assistance with this, please take a look at the following link which will help guide you to what needs to be fixed.

The reason I knew I was having issues was that I was blaming my twin for something my MIND invented. I talked with a friend about it and she said,”Yea, you did that to your other boyfriend too!” I said, “Wow.. then it’s me, not him!” This is important to come upon because if you don’t accept responsibility for your behavior and blame your twin, this will just push them away. With core beliefs, it is so automatic within yourself that you don’t even realize you are blaming your twin for hurting you when you are the one with the open wound. You aren’t seeing that and protecting yourself and instead allowing your emotions to get the best of you.

Once aware of these false core beliefs, you can begin to change them, change your behavior and change your relationships.

To address you core beliefs, please have a look at/listen to Gary Van Warmerdam’s site which will provide you with guidance and plenty of free audio (I ended up buying the Mastery Course and the Relationship course and worth the money.)

Please remember that everything is going to be OK. No matter what. There are others in your shoes that you can talk with and will help you. You are not alone in this.

Big hugs 🙂


10 thoughts on “Help During Separation

  1. Hey, guys I can’t do it! I wrote some beautiful words In my last post, but I can’t practice what I preach! I lost her and I can’t do without her! I often feel complete connection/union lost, and I can’t do what I said! It’s part of me that lost, a beautiful Loving part! I hope this is normal, and that God did not conspire against me! I’m not so distraught anymore, just empty!

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  2. I think the thing to do when separated is to continue to Love your end of the flame, as by doing this you are Loving the other for you share a single essence in the higher part of your souls! So, I think we should Love ourselves with the same Love we gave to our twin! So, in doing this you would actually be Loving her/him, it’s not easy because to our limited minds this feels like letting go, but it really isn’t! I wouldn’t let go even if they threatened into nuke me into oblivion!!! You’re actually drawing Her/him back into your Love!!!

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  3. Everything you say applies!!! Especially the misery and Hell part!!! I couldn’t have made up this experience as I haven’t been reading prior to experiencing this!! It’s all true!!! But it hurts!!!

    The Love though is also true I feel like I would follow her right to hell and take her out of there if need be!!! I do have to let God/Jesus in on us cause I can’t do it alone! He says I will be with her!!! I feel like she’s my soul!!!

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