As twins we have many ways to communicate with our twins before meeting and during separation. One way is to send information through dreams. I have mixed theories about what dreams are, but I do know that when I am inaccessible, I have dreams of my twins. It’s his way to speak to me.

He told me he dreamt about me when he was young and I brought so much love into that dream that I became a marker for dates. Haha. Even weirder. In separation, I dreamt of him when he was 13 and I could see him, but he couldnt see me and so the only way for me to get him to notice me was to put myself into his mind through dream. I could see where it happened. He was playing in a pool and he just wouldnt notice me. Well, I had my way after all! I remembered this just recently. I didnt even realize I did that.

Dreams are many different parts of your subconscious and conscious thoughts. If your twin is metaphysically always with you, it is not hard to speak to them via telepathy or through a dream.

I’ve noticed that my twin and I slept like rocks together. It was sooooo perfect because we just fit like a yin and yang symbol and he would sleep and I would fall asleep so fast. It felt like melting butter. And now that he’s not here, sleeping has become a challenge. I wake up often when he goes to sleep because he’s in a different time zone.

I had a twin bring up the need for the place to exist to discuss this tonight and I agree totally. And so I am putting this up as a place for twins to write and comment about this to further expand the knowledge for other twins.

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