Don’t speak

I’m going to start writing these in Chinese since that’s where all of my visitor seems to be coming from. LOL. If you’re looking for an update let me please do so

2020 is the year where people can’t handle anything that has to do with anything fearful whatsoever. they’ve already got enough on their plate and I’ve tried to explain to people about being a twin flame and they absolutely cannot handle it so I’ve decided not to bring it up anymore. People cannot deal with the fact that I talk to the dead. people cannot deal with the fact that I remember past lives or that I used to be a tree 1300 years ago or whatever. People just can’t deal.

I’m writing this whole thing in voice activation. To update you on what’s going on in my life.. I’m starting a company this month. the world is falling apart and I’m selling art. I’m going with what the universe tells me to do. I think I’ve met another soulmate which is cool who has been in touch for quite some time. Maybe we’ll get married and have kids since my twin and I will never do that. Since he won’t be back for years based on his behavior and the way he’s been to me and the amount of lies that he’s telling himself. Might as well get married and knocked up.

Like everyone else

Because that’s cool let’s do what everyone else does. It’s not really my cup of tea. I’m being forced out of my house by my neighbors who feel they should build a mini mall next to my house with about 16,000 parking spaces I’m like well that’s cool. You’ve been here for a year you don’t even own the f****** spot and now you’re taking over the world.

I know you’ve come here to look for some type of hope. A shred of hope for anything at all and I have absolutely no hope for you when it comes to this relationship structure whatsoever. All I can say is just really enjoy the the time to yourself to remember exactly what you want in life without your twin.

I’ve been counseling twins again. There seems to be an increase of twin flames connecting at this point so it’s interesting because the newer ones seem to have it a little bit more together than us from 5 to 6 years ago. They seem to understand it quicker so I think that Consciousness is elevating. 

All I can say is that it’s all what you make it. Everything comes from your mind. You have the possibility to make yourself a beautiful life. Ignore everything else and just do that.

Good luck with everything

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