Oh, before I go.. perhaps this might be of interest..

For the past year straight have been studying what is considered the beginning of the end of the world. There are many markers and signs. There’s plenty of books I can point you to. Most importantly there is overwhelming evidence at the end is amazingly close.

We’re in the sixth extinction. The Holocene Period. This is factually understood. However, what most people don’t understand is that The poles are already in shift as the magnetosphere has lost a considerable amount of strength. And God forbid their words, but this on the news. They would never. However now after a long period of time not reporting it, it is they are finally reporting. Not only that. The poles have been moving faster than they were. But also that its not really making any sense to scientists. Luckily, I follow someone who knows a little bit more about what’s going on. And if you look at the bigger picture It makes a lot more sense. How much time do we have left? Between 20 and 40 years that’s about it.

It makes no sense that the ice is melting to so many people. But to me, it makes plenty of sense. When honestly if the Earth is moving its axis, then the equator would change, as well as the poles. If the weight differential changed, then the Tilt changes. This isn’t hard. This makes complete sense.

Factor in a cataclysm that happens every 12,000 years. And we can look at it scientifically. We can look back to ancient civilizations that showed us through word. and also drawings that time change that for 24 hours there was no change in the sun’s movement. Whatever happens is going to happen very quickly. And we have been given signs within the energy that explains how this very succinctly that things are going awry..

Pay attention to the rich people. They are finding places and ways to get higher or lower within the atmosphere. Jeff Bezos is one.

There’s a lot coming. This website won’t matter anyway. But at least I gave you a little bit of forewarning. Find a good place to be. I probably wouldn’t hang out on a coast. And also attend to the things that you need to before the time is up.

Best of luck.



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