“I’m not a TF”

Awesome: if you’re not my twin flame, then you’re just a jerk off. You’ve completely murdered our relationship with the ridiculous bullshit you’ve pulled over the past 6 years. You think that no matter what everything is forgiven. IT’S NOT. We’re not twin flames. You don’t stalk me daily for the past 13 years. You don’t even know who “the guy” is even though you made a collage that looks just like him.. anyway…You’re not a twin flame. Don’t let me bother you…Because now you don’t believe in any of that “spiritual stuff.”

No, you’re just this wanky person that just keeps coming back to me for no reason.. to be colder and more miserable and remind me about all of the dark corners of your personality that basically has become a whip to my ass to run the fuck away from you. Because without you how would I remember to look at my crystal balls? How would I remember that everything that we know as gospel is complete bullshit because you’re afraid to deal with it?!


It’s kind of fun. It’s like you thought that you got a letter in the mail from jury duty except it came from the Twin Flame Council or something like that and they were like: Jake you’re no longer a twin flame! Congratulations! You don’t have to go to jury duty! You don’t have to return back home! You don’t have to deal with all of the ridiculous crazy stuff that Debbie has to deal with! Nope! Just sign your name right here and shut the door and move to Colorado and go date women that look like something that a vacuum would cough up. That’s all you have to do is pretend that it never happened!

And then if that crazy person who says that they’re your twin flame ever comes back to you, you can treat them like total shit! You can keep pushing them away until they’re about 60 years old and then finally reality hits you in the fucking face so hard that perhaps maybe you realize that you made a mistake.


You’re not coming back to me in the shape that you’re in right now, I can assure you that. When you told me that you’d broken any type of fear, keep looking in the mirror and lying to yourself a lil harder cos maybe that will make you feel better. Everyday look at your phone and remind yourself of all the wonderful women on the dating sites that will totally take your breath away and hopefully make all of this magically disappear.

If I have to be a twin flame everyday, everyday since you left, then you have no choice but to be one as well. Every single fucking day. There’s no giving that card back. There’s no slot to mail it. Santa isn’t coming to save you and the North Pole doesn’t exist.

How dare you speak to me the way you have. You can apologize about that the next time I talk to you. Which might be after I die because at this point I really want nothing to do with you ever again. The way you talk to me lacks complete respect (in your tight p….) and so you wonder why you get a lovely letter like this.


I’m not a twin flame

I’m not your twin flame.

With twin flames like these, who needs enemies?


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