To-do list

I recently had the chance to Google twin flames and see what mysterious writings would better engage and further educate me and I was left with so much misinformation that I’m sad to say, this is only going to get worse. Seems were in high tide with “fake news.”  Not only is the first article about twins on Google a bunch of horseshit, but then there are spiritual dwellers so bold to write twin flame tests that are so vague and off that anything could fit.

October 18th will be my fifth year of becoming a twin flame, not really truly being handed this knowledge until the week of November 11-17, 2013. As separation ensued and the picture got bigger, very big things began to unwind. My time is different than everyone elses is, that I can remember past lives, people from past lives, attract whatever I want and need, completely quantum leap normal practices through belief. That I know when someone is lying to me, or lying to themselves or read patterns through waves and music, can see through the ego walls, know not to worry, only pace myself and be completely confident in what feels right for me by following instinct. I can understand animals, I can hear the Universe speak, access the akashic records,speak with the deceased, see the pain from lifetime to lifetime and yet still, I would reverse this whole thing.

To be normal and lost and content with the small things that I used to would be great. No twin wants to be a twin. None of us do. Especially when our twins insist on this exasperating pattern of hide and seek. It truly is very much like the Matrix and also like becoming a vampire in Twilight. Everything moves so fast around me and I’m just sitting here and six months for me has passed and five years has passed for non twins. I just get stronger and stronger, but am as beat up as Kristen Stewart right before she almost died. TRY TO SUCK THE FUCKING LIFE OUT OF ME YOU BITCH, YOU CANT KILL ME!


The Universe comes up with new daily ways to make me stronger. It’s like being beaten up repetitively until you can only laugh because you don’t die and you heal immediately. I am eternal. Nothing phases me anymore. This makes it hard to really feel exhilaration. I make up fun things to focus on that are small ramps to excitement but it just doesnt get very overwhelming anymore when you basically know everything before it happens. I make up distractions and keep a routine. Those help me process what is considered a “day.” Which, to me, is like 8 hours at this point. I have to be super quick and laser focused.

The first two years I was doing so much research and being so quiet and absorbing that maybe I got too much. I was absorbing so much that I can read almost anything now. There are thousands of waves coming to me and it is very much like a web, I can hear and see in new dimensions than one cannot in a regular human body. Knowing the future, which was shown to me almost immediately as I went through Dark Night, I know when people come to me, when my twin has relationships, when people die. These are things one shouldn’t know. I shouldn’t know the structure and even past lives. I shouldn’t be able to hear the dead. Before all this, I just believed you died, that’s it. Wow. So not true.

People are so afraid to begin the journey of sifting through the layers of distraction to get down to the nugget, technically, enlightenment. They cannot focus. I don’t fight the resistance, merely use it as a gauge. What’s going on now can be considered a high fluctuation of fear. The energetic waves are not reacting or acting like they did when I was a kid or even three years ago when things weren’t normal, but at least they weren’t as they are today. Today, shit is all fucked up. Why? We are undergoing a major shift. I have full days where I’m paralyzed. Oh, the existential crisis is real! Why do anything at all..

I have a to-do list to complete that will help me put my house on the market. Unfortunately, I came home to two sick family members, one, a tad bit closer to death than I would like. So it looks like I’m stuck in my current position to be efficient and make sure that I tidy all up with a bow before I am to move along. Everything happens for a reason.

What’s next? More of the same, if not crazier. The volcanoes and earthquakes and storms will help you understand that. Things must crescendo. The energy doesnt appreciate an unenlightened human. It wants all of us there. And yes there are aliens but they are much smaller than you imagined. Almost invisible. Just like where we started.

I will use the rest of my time to perfect what can be honed. There are divine tones in music and I will outsource them to help others realize what they must. There is a divine equation for everything, And when you see it, you know. Those are the nights you never forget.

I hope for so much more of that divinity. That perfect equation.

Til next time..




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