Energies talking

Energy has not been even slightly normal for years now. We are living through the fight of fear vs. love on Earth, currently. Going through transformation, and we can get back to that, illustrates the stages of it, including when others are going through the thick of it. How would one know? They seem super angry, unhappy, and are fighting themselves. Complaining, sighing, fighting, screaming, crying and just acting out of control are signs of this. Once they have made it through, they are calm, loving and accept responsibility for their actions.

Go back to Michael Jackson’s thought,”I’m starting with the man in the mirror.” You cannot control the perceptions and behavior of others, especially those stuck in fear/going through transformation. You can only control yourself, your behavior, your emotions, and your perceptions. However, you cannot help others “through.” This is a solo ride. We can see who is on the ride, but you can not help. Very similar to twin flame separation, each person must go through transformation at their own speed, pulling themselves through.

As much as you’d like to help, it will only hurt you trying. You cannot rationalize with an angry person going through the transformation, it’s similar to trying to talk sense to a drunk person. Instead, see what it is for just that: They are in pain, they aren’t able to understand because of the hurt they are fighting and it’s best you step back and let them be. The resistance will be obvious. Always walk away from resistance. It is fear. Breaking through is very hard, but they will in good time. Be patient.

The energies spoke to me through this understanding a few months ago. Seeing friends in this pain, it took a day to process why it was occuring and it hit me. We ALL have to go through transformation, not just twin flames. Consciousness is flourishing and as we are awakening, it becomes faster. Why are we all doing this? Great question. Also, why is it/time going faster? Even more important question.

My theory is that there is going to be some type of large event. Time is quickening because people are realizing: WE DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME LEFT. No one’s saying it. Shhh. It’s inferred. But I can assure you, all of the dots line up and they are doing so for a reason.

The collective consciousness is pulsating and growing. Like I said years ago: we are getting to the point where we cannot lie and all truth will veer to the surface, no matter what the consequences. We’re all going through cleansing to get back to love, love energy, enlightenment, exalted energy, high energy. Call it what you like. We are coming back into ourselves. We are unifying. A truly beautiful time it is, after all…





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