Hi twins

I hope everyone is well. Long time no speak.

I’ve had to walk away from this because I’ve been super busy doing new things. I see many of my twin friends are doing well for themselves and trying to make it in the world.

Fear seemed to be at an all-time high for the past year. The presidency should be the largest marker of that. However, I feel that it’s changing again back to a much more chill and relaxed environment.

I will keep this short. Just a reminder to walk towards what is positive and loving and walk away from resistance and fear. I’ve had a very strong soulmate come back to me this year and we are “dancing,” so to speak. I’m attempting to soften my not so delicate ways. (I’m about as soft as an axe being slammed into stone at 1,000 mph.)

I hope everyone has a nice holiday season.

Looking forward to 2018.





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