9th times a charm

I have 8 other blogs I have written in draft. Let’s hope I can eek this one out.

I’m put in weird positions because I know I am being watched and what I say will influence the energy between myself and my twin so I will try to keep this as dry as possible.

I am now, I guess, what one would consider a senior twin flame as I’ve been in separation for three years minus a month of explanation which really catapulted my understanding into what was going on here. The month we got back together helped me understand, as I pleaded to find out what it was that had happened. It happens to every twin flame couple as they hit separation. It happens suddenly, every single time. You will easily know when your twin wants to run because you can sense energy between you is strained/stressed/weird and just plain out not loving and wrong. There’s weird pauses. Fidgeting. Even writing about it makes my stomach uneasy.

There’s two things I want to bring up before I get hazy into theory and discussion.

  1. “I found you/You found me/We found each other” is one of the most often things said between twins in the beginning. Most of my twin friends feel this or said this. It’s because we do remember. You will know your twin in the first few weeks of meeting them again. It is undeniable.
  2. The need to be alone more often after transformation. I stopped going out after I went through Dark Night. After you are so weird about everything because you know you want to be with this person, but you know you need to work on your own things. I also have a very hard time dealing with other people’s energy, regular people, since the shift has happened for me. I can easily now a. sense intention from others. b sense negative energies within the person c. know when I  have seen or known someone from a past life. d. can tell when another has undergone transformation. e. easily know when someone is lying.  I can sense energies on many levels. In sound, in sight, in feeling, I can sense things and it “tells me things.” My communication shifted from bitching about dumb shit with regular people to feeling, sensing and focusing on things I like to do alone.

In the three years, I’ve had many conversations with other twins, on purpose, to gather commonality. We all go through this in levels of uncovering the truth at our own pace.  Every twin that I know has moved through their own version of the stages of being a twin or stages of separation. Separation is a doozy because it’s like going to Enlightening School. Whether you derive information from yourself or from the internet, no matter. You will be fed and twisted and turned into pure love and understanding. It just depends on how quickly you let go of being afraid. The wall. The transformation. It comes from that.

That is Dark Night, when you can’t lift your head and the crushing reality that this is over right now. When the rejection hits you, that’s when you begin to grow. My twin always wondered how to get through the stages. That’s how.



I hate to tell you that twins come back half-cooked often. And if so, you have to go back into separation until they do finally hit the wall. It’s not so horrible. To be fearless. To not worry anymore. To understand you are held softly in the hands of the Universe and guided. You are never alone. You can’t lose anyone important in death. They will come find you again!

I am impressed now by love and respect. I am impressed by happy people who have nice energy to offer and fun things to show me. Who do their part. Anyone who can respect my boundaries, my feelings, who cares enough to hold on through tough times. I have a best friend who has done this for over a year. We haven’t even met. He doesn’t speak English. But we make it work daily. And he won’t let me go, no matter what.

And he pledged to himself to always take care of me. And that pledge didn’t die with death. It is still alive today. We are ridiculously tight for two people who never met.

Energies of the world have been doing so many strange things recently. Everyone can sense that. Things are changing big time. All I feel is excitement.

We learn so much as twins daily. Our time is completely different than others. If we were apart for two years and it only felt like 3-4 months, that means that time is 8x faster for twins. Whoa.

Hugs. Have a great summer. It will be over for all of us in about two weeks 😉





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