TF Denial

I’m dedicating this blog to Cortley, my twin friend in the center of the country.

My twin seems to be going through this and I cannot guide him to change his perception of it. Only time will do that. When he says that he has 2 other women with “TF characteristics,” it’s obvious to me that things have changed drastically as he was super gung-ho on the fact that we are when we were together. What do I hear? Fear. At first, I wanted to slap him through the phone as he texts me this and then supposedly runs to lunch, but after some time had passed, I understood just fine. He is petrified of being a twin flame.

I have many twin friends and some are runners. Another runner says exactly the same thing. “We’re not twins. We’re not twins.” I’m like then what are you running back to him for if he treats you so badly? “Oh the sex is good.”

The sex is that good, but even she will not admit it.

I dont believe in advertising because I believe that if a product is good enough, it sells itself.

Now when it comes to truth, it is very similar. You can’t escape the truth.

When I first started dating my twin, I would always listen to a song called “Nowhere to Go.” And it’s true. You can’t run from your twin because we are you. You can pretend. You can lie to yourself. You can distract yourself with other people by getting into relationships, but. YOU KNOW THE TRUTH.

As a runner, you know just fine what your twin does to you and how they can read through you and it freaks you out and then the twin flame label becomes shaded with that fear.

I didn’t choose this to my knowledge. But I won’t lie to myself that I am not a twin flame nor will I lie to myself and say my twin is not my twin because I’m upset with him.

Many people in this world feel that lying is easier. And so that’s how they cope. They lie and lie and keep running from responsibility, truth, love until they have absolutely nothing left and wonder why.

TF Denial in a word=FEAR. Why are they feeling the fear instead of the love? Because they have yet to fully go through the transformation where they understand that any fear is an illusion and only love is the truth.

So when my twin gets over the next five yoga chics he dates that have “tf characteristics” (LOL!) and I’m still the QUEEN, well…

You may be able to delay for a bit, but ultimately, the runner cannot finish their race until he/she runs back to you.

I have been through most of the stages and they really do happen. Naturally. There is nothing to worry about. It happens when it is TIME. So trust the process.

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