Moving through the stages and a few other ideas

It’s been some time since I have written anything.

I have some twin friends that are still in the mix. Many of us have moved so far from where we have started in this circle of fun. None of us are in the same spot as before because we have all had to move from one lily pad to the next. The Universe gave us no choice but to.

I have four topics to touch on. One is energetic vs. physical. In the energy and if you KNOW you are a twin with your twin, then you can see through so much of the fear, right away. However, this doesn’t mean a speedier reunion. The problem lies in the habits that you both have soaked up. One twin may FEEL the other twin reaching out as I have many time with mine. However, unless they are READY as in, not cautious, not afraid, completely ready and begging you back with every ounce of soul desire in the physical, the energy only illuminates what is under the surface. Sure, it may be bubbly. You may have many signs. The synchonicities get very tight with twins and also soul mates after you deal with so much of the underlying energy. Again, you cannot do one thing about it until they come back to you in the physical. They, the runners, must make themselves apparent, on your doorstep, in your inbox, your text messages, completely beckoning at you in the physical. You might know that they want you back or want to talk, but allow the time to pass so that they reach out to you. You have to do nothing, but attend to yourself and building yourself back up from the rubble. Break the bad habits, break the false core beliefs about yourself. It takes a good few years. Don’t worry, you will have time. (makes face)

So many twins reach out too early. Including mine. But I did get my answers to solve this part of the puzzle. They may be thinking about you somewhere else, but I can assure you, they are off living their lives. You must do the same.

Second topic is mind control. Controlling your thoughts and your mind and being careful. I want to call this “thought leakage.” Any twins that I deal with, along with many soulmates are able to read my thoughts and energy directly. We become more transparent as time goes on through this. I could be at a store thinking something rough or horrible and I will check myself. Put it back together. Don’t judge, shift thoughts, shift perception. What you think shows up on your face and also in your energetic space. Remember when I proposed that in the future no one could lie because we would all be able to read each others thoughts? It’s happening.

I have also come to see that I sculpt situations with my thoughts. I would think, “Oh, she and I are going to have a fight and this will end.” This happened with my BFF of 20 years. It also happened a few other times. Well, sometimes, it’s for the best because the two parties are no longer reverberating on the same energy level. I’m not saying don’t shield yourself from negative energy, you should, totally. What I’m saying is that your thoughts are very powerful. Be careful where they lead you.

Brings me into topic three which is understanding a new separation stage which I and many of the other twins I know have gone through. The bitchy stage. I have seen it with close friends, my twin, myself. You are overwhelmed with negativity and take things personally. This, in turn, brings fights in the energy field because not everyone wants to deal with you unearthing and processing your negativity. I probably had 5 friends left after I went through mine. That’s fine. I’m not one to hold onto people when I feel like shit. Nor am I one to deal with twins giving me sass or attitude. I do believe we all pass through this to come into a better, more peaceful part. And yes, in separation, you will cycle through stages if you aren’t done with them, very much like the regular set of stages. That fear isn’t figured out, unraveled, processed and released, you get to go back through separation again. Yay.

As you go through life, you realize, not only as a twin, that people will happily circle you with their insisting you fit into their mold or desires. I’m going through this with two people now. And after realizing what is really going on, I have decided to say NO to both situations. I cannot be held down, molded or used as half of a person. I’m not a kinda girlfriend. I don’t need to be one of the MANY women you are talking to. I’m slow and so, these situations started very innocently, only to be leaching into strange boundaries that don’t work. If a situation is stuck and keeps circling, with you not getting what you want from it, just end it. Opens up space for better situations and opportunities.

The fourth topic is time and repetition. Consistency. We as twins, have our lives speed up. And day by day goes by, feeling very similar. What can help change it? It hit me. If we retrain ourselves with good habits that we do on a daily basis, then this ensures successful results. Time is not a problem for us, meaning that time goes by so quickly, we would get results quickly because it is so much faster. We just have to do the thing that we want results for. I started applying this with Spanish lessons, using DuoLingo and I’m already 12% proficient. I’m going to employ some other habits that will help me in other areas. Time is like water for us. But to really use it wisely, we must re-sculpt how we use it.

I hope everyone is having a nice spring. Take care.






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