The Fountain of Youth: TF Time

I’m beginning to see major changes now. I have had many past lives remembered and even before that occurrence, my twin and I felt that time had changed instantly when we met and thereafter. We felt a day was a week and a week was a month and a month was a year. And it’s kinda true. He didnt see me in two years and when we met back up it felt like 3 or 4 months had passed. That was all.

When you realize you are thousands of years old, with multiple bodies, many things change. Fear tends to diminish a bit. I could look into the darkest corners now with any creepy crawly and it is just not the same, understanding I was once probably just like them. There’s a deeper understanding of all life, cells, regeneration, death, decay. I find decay so interesting.

When I was young I said to my mom, I want to live forever. And she said..I don’t. That would be miserable. And in a way it is. And in another way, it just IS. IT just exists. Infinity. I live forever. I am endless and have no true container. I am always morphing, always transforming.

Yet, at the same time, I am no longer aging. I havent aged in years. Time stands still for me and everything around me changes quickly, ages quickly. I’m looking at my young cats and they are almost ready to go back up, to die. They are aging quicker because I am not because my concept of time has changed.

Time is a perception. And if your life extends past the border of birth, back many borders, then you are much older, but time slows down. (I cant wait for the FAKE TF to steal this concept and publish it on his blog cos I already know he will.)

Now that time is different, I forget how long its been since I’ve seen people. Two years pass and it’s like a month or so or maybe three. It’s all relative and it doesnt matter.

I wake up, confused because although I have things I supposedly “must do,” I truly question why do anything at all. Some days I do nothing but lay around with my cats and just go for walks.

One of my twin friends asked why it takes so long for twins to get back together and it’s because if you were “enlightened” and changed in a day, if you had to process all of complex lies we were told to simmer down and fly right, you would lose your mind. Instead, daily, you get small chunks of understanding to rip away your old understanding to replace it with new. Like fragments on a hard drive.

Having time quicken so that you stay solid and slow down is very odd. It’s like running through a field of pudding. You go nowhere, but everything around you whizzes and flits. Which is probably why I prefer silence and being alone so much now. I have come to realize I absorb so much more from people as I can read their energy like a book. I have no more questions. They have all been answered.

I want you to try this if you are a twin: I want you to ask yourself the questions that you need to know. My belief is that we are the akashic record (singular, there’s one, like a library) and that we ARE the Universe. So if you must know something, just ask yourself. YOU ALREADY KNOW!

Inside of the parable of being a twin, when all of the old world has broken apart and the new “Matrix” is visible, you see so many patterns, so much energy, whether it be truth or fear. The knowledge that you could do ANYTHING becomes a real thing. You can shatter any obstacle. There’s nothing that holds you back.

Feb 8th will be three years since our first separation and May 26th will be three years since he left. I don’t want to discuss my twin at this point as he is cut off. He needs to go through Dark Night and until he does, I cannot furnish him with anything. Not one ounce of help. He will drive me mad, otherwise.

Even my friends are getting old around me, but I don’t feel any older than say, maybe 29.  My body looks older but I don’t feel older. If anything, I am freer and more resilient now. The thing that helps the most is to relax and do meditation. Really space out. It totally recharges me internally and allows me to deal with those who don’t understand.

As twins, we come across more knowledge of ascension/source love and because we have to live it with our twins, usually at a distance, and it makes sense to us. I tried having a conversation with two people in NY last week about relaxing about our shitty President (don’t worry, not my President, either) and just realizing that everything would be ok in the long run, that this was meant to happen. They looked like I just cut both of their throats. They couldnt imagine to not be fearful or start a frenzy. But then, they can’t read energy, have probably 10% psychic ability and are not in touch with themselves, their core or love. Oh well.

Plus they are meant to riot, just as they are probably meant to be vessels for future babies. I am not meant to do either. I am meant to help in different ways.

I forget what I did in 2015. The whole year, I dont even remember. I know I started very sad with it and as time went on, I finally moved on from my twin. Enough so to let a very important soul mate in. (I love you very much, G)

I have other twin friends that cant remember what year it is either. We all seem to have a hard time with it. That’s just the way it goes. In a way, it doesn’t matter.

Leave comments about your experience with this, if you can.

Cheers, and hugs, this week is turning electric from the eclipse of next Friday, already.



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