I got my Scott back!

So this never happens..

December of 2015 I had my twin friend Scott come to me and tell me that he said that time felt off. I figured he meant in a spiritual way. We got off the phone and that was the last I had heard from him in the physical.

Scott lives across the country from me. The only reason I knew he had passed was he came to tell me, joyfully, while I was walking in the woods that he was dead. There was no other proof and no easy way for me to get it. And then his accounts all stopped. And then his phone was turned off. But he knew I could speak to him that way as I did the year before with his twin who had passed.

While deceased, he told me he was happy and also he reconnected with his twin flame in three days time. He told me she was back in line to be reprocessed ( I think she waited for him) and shortly after, maybe a few weeks later, he was back in line as well to be reprocessed, back to Earth, to be reborn again. Only thing was, I figured he had a little more time to wait. And also that he would come back in a different body.

Three days ago I got a text from him. HE IS ALIVE! He had three arteries rupture in his brain and at one point was pronounced dead. He then fell into a coma and has been rehabbing himself since. He just turned his phone back on 13 months later. He’s had to relearn everything from scratch. Even walking and talking.


The times I spoke with him, mostly, were while he was still in the coma. He began to fade and I would beckon him from time to time and I’d only get a few sentences.

This Christmas, I was very sad because I wished he was here. I said, it’s just not the same.

And I got my wish! And he’s in a very different place now. He’s grateful of every new achievement his body can do.

I just wanted to share this as I wrote extensively about it in previous blogs. ❤






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