TFU is 2 years old!


I’m going to explain things from a very vague periphery to start. The pattern of those going through their own transformations, twin or non-twin, is becoming a relevant situation.Problem is, when you meet someone who is going through this, they are generally in attack mode and won’t be near you for very long.

I deal with a few. They’re snappy, angry, snarky. Quick to retort. Usually pulls the half-assed apology. “I didn’t mean for YOU to take it that way!I’m sorry you don’t get my humor!” Well, what did you mean then when you’re sending negativity at me? That you’re a teddy bear that needs love? Yes, well that’s obvious. Moreso, that you need to realign with your own lessons, learn them and come back to me when you’re through

Cos ain’t nobody got time for that.

One part of separation is having the self respect to hold boundaries on whomever is crossing them. And reinforce. IF someone comes at you with negativity, THEY still need to figure their behaviors out. Now, if you react in a similarly unkind way, then you are pretty much in the same boat. However, if you keep space and silence, compassion and love, then you’re doing better than most put in the same position.You get to a point when you just CANNOT have that negativity. Cannot and will not. We have no time for it and can no longer sink downwards.

There is an amazing amount of negativity in the air this week. If you let it pull you down, you are going down with it. It isn’t even gonna be that hard, that’s how heavy the air is. Just float. Refocus. Go back to happy thoughts. Puppies. Ice cream cones. Imaginary characters. (the non-tf ones) 😉

I have needed to detach from the current of negativity. I told myself this week, I am just not going to watch the news anymore. In a way, it really doesn’t matter. If anything, I would be more productive.I haven’t had a TV since I was 16 and no longer exist on FB. Disconnecting seems like the only way. Cut out to go in.

Watching everyone else in utter shock and horror can also be difficult. Most of my art friends are reeling from today’s unsavory events. I do get the sense that this will be ended somehow. I’m just not sure how. It just seems so unbelievable, really. Less than 32 percent approval rating. So how did he win then?

Keep practicing quiet solitude, meditation, refocusing techniques during heavy energy. Perhaps more people are going through a special transformation than we knew? Let’s visit the beach and watch the waves, stare into the sky and go on day trips into the woods. Put on music and make some art. Read a book. Play with your cat.We can remember better then.

Remember what? Remember your truth and soul purpose of living, which is to love.

Good night.



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