I couldn’t make this up, even if I tried

Happy New Years, twins.

2017, yes, another year has come and gone. I’ve been enduring this since 2013, but I have been in contact with my twin since sometime in 2007/8.

Today I had a conversation with the famous graffiti artist and the discussion of twins came up. Seems that he, also, may be a twin flame. He just found out about it within the past month. The girl he is seeing thinks they might be twins. Then, after I send over my site, he tells me that they have been reading me. He’s like, “get the fuck outta here..did you write that page? ” I’m like. “yea, man.. I wrote the whole site!”

And silly me didnt know why we were meeting up in a month.

Now, I know. The A-ha moment ensues.

Aside: I was given a very basic time document/vision back when we separated the first time that showed me that my twin would be entering two separate relationships. The second one to end by 2019. How do I know? I close my eyes and could see it. They looked like giant blocks of butter smeared over a calendar. Slowing our energy. That’s what I could see. He’s entering that relationship now.

What about ME?!

Well, I have many situations to tend to.

For all of the twins that have yet to have the relationship and go into separation: GOOD! Enjoy it!

For all of the twins that have and are in separation: Let’s make the best of this year! We have the ability to use our talent and abilities for good. Let’s get and make something amazing!

As the supposed “chaser,” I wouldn’t take my twin back currently if he were the last man on Earth. That’s how low his energy is.

There is a tricky moon on the 12th. Let’s all hold our tongues surrounding it. It seems to be complex. I would give a few days before and after.

We are all connected to each other. We are magnetized to each other and can connect telepathically, without physical message. I’m sending you all love for 2017. And always.

Happily, constantly weaving new roads..

Cheers and take care.






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