Happy Holidays, twins.

I brought you gifts.

I just took an hour long walk to try to figure out how to write this because there are many things I want to include in this blog.

So far, I have been in separation since May of 2014. 2.5+ years and during that whole time, I have had to learn to experiment to see results. Let’s go over some givens to start:

  1. You twin always loves you, always thinks about you and will always love you. Even when their/your ego wall is still keeping you both apart.
  2. You arent separated, it just appears so. You are always surrounded in love, you must just acknowledge that.
  3. Only when both twins learn how to squash their fears can they come together and unite.
  4. As twins, we must implement ways to pull ourselves out of the “ache”: a. To show gratitude for what we have in our lives now. b. To be truly focused on ourselves, what we like to do and live in the moment. c. To remind ourselves of our special gifts and talent to not feel lack.
  5. Any time we are feeling lack, it is because we are focusing on the resistance/fear/thing we don’t have instead of focusing on love/gratitude for all that we do have.
  6. Only we can make ourselves happy. Our twin/external entities or circumstances have nothing to do with it.
  7. We must choose a role of empowerment instead of one of a victim.

I noticed with my twin that, as we did “come out of separation” twice, that there are things that I do that directly affect him and our union. Strangely, it is the opposite of what “they say.” I was taken, focused and busy with other people, taken in the moment, busy, happy and that’s when he would come back. When my mind was not on him, but elsewhere.

Now, conversely, I notice he runs when he cannot handle the way I communicate with him by applying pressure ( aka fear.) The first time was a reveal, the second time was me trying to get my point across. Any resistance within the fiber of the two of you will not fly. If one presses, the other runs. And both must be 100% ready to embark on it. Any caution or pausing, you will fly back into separation.

No matter what, we can affect their behaviors with our thoughts. I say to myself,” I will read my twin’s story on Insta.” 20-30 minutes later, he checks all of mine on both of my Insta accounts. Ha!

We should be considered behavioral flames because our behavior conveys our energy. I read an amazing sentence two days ago in a book that hit me like a ton of bricks. “It’s not what you look like that ultimately lures someone in, but how you act.” Let’s back track to understanding that one must take things in a slow and calm manner. Perfect example. Over the past month I have had a pretty famous international graffiti artist dead-bent on meeting me based on what I post on my art Instagram. He told me three times in a few weeks when he would be in NYC and the dates we could meet and that we should link up. Now, with any other woman, especially one understanding the gravity of the situation, this would be huge. But no, I have a twin and he isnt it, (although he is cute and Polish) (Meow) so then I treat him like a friend. Not a future husband who I am trying to dictate every move. I am relaxed, calm, confident. This shows. And this draws him in.

“Gimme gimme gimme,” “I need you!” and “we are twins therefore we must be together at once,” does not fly on the male emotional/behavioral scale when it comes to women. Whatsoever. Men like calm, cool, relaxed, aloof, even completely ignorant women who just dont give a fuck.

Let’s go another step. I meet four men to “work with.” I test this with them. Being far too open vs being very aloof and busy. Aloof and busy works WAY better than “Let me tell you my life story. BTW I have a metaphysical husband and speak to the dead.”

Lastly: As twins, we have the easy ability to quantum leap once we have broken some of our false core beliefs. Regular people can too, if they sit there are break the beliefs. Butthis is rare. Once you break the belief, it is no longer an obstruction. Break a few and you will have begun to chew through a concrete wall with your mind. That’s all it takes. Everything is an illusion. Stop believing in fake walls/human legs, you can run as far and jump as high as you want.

2017 is the year that we all begin to really get it together. I’m super excited! Things are going to be great! Once you shut off the negative feelings and beliefs and realize they are just time wasters, you begin to focus on the positive. We have some great things to do next year!

Say Happy Birthday. The 29th, I turn 40. It’s great being eternal. Don’t give a fuck.

Happy holidays everyone! Time to implement and begin new action, test some new experiments, jump a little higher.




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