Non- twin irritation

I’m gonna go there.

There are many people within the spiritual community that arent twin flames that seem to be obsessed with being one. However, the problem is that twins, as we have to go through so much transformation within our energy fields, can pick up on this waivering and untrue energy. So let me repeat myself: REAL TWINS KNOW WHEN YOU ARE JUST PRETENDING TO BE A TWIN.

There are characteristics that stick out, very obviously. You don’t know what you’re talking about is the biggest one. You proclaim love and peace and higher vibrations without having to live through the ups and downs of the true experience. You don’t have answers and you’re not connecting into us. WE CAN FEEL THAT! No joke!

As twins, if we feel something is off, IT IS! That’s the energy talking. And words don’t even have to be said. We can just feel it.

However, it is funny to watch these nons spin circles and try to charge for services that they are not equipped to discuss.

Non-twins, you can’t fool anyone. This isnt an exclusive club that you want to get into. And if you do believe that, this is your inexperience showing it’s head. This can be the most miserable, downright heartbreaking and horrible experience at times. True twins, most of us, get stuck in separation for so many years, that it is nothing to be envious of. Or to want to go through.

Please think before you make unwise decisions.

For our community.

Thank you.


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