Twin boundaries

I had the lucky chance to talk with my twin over the past four days. I sent some very strong compassion messages across like changing out of lack mindset to achieve abundance and also who he is to me. I’ve always known he was my twin. Unfortunately, he seems to have forgotten who I am.

Too busy to deal with me, complaining about negative things about my habits and perceptions.

It’s lucky I can see through this energy and understand it to be one of lack. I don’t take it personally. However, there is no reason I should subject myself to that type of energy or negativity.

My twin is not being his loving self anymore. In fact, he is very different from who I know him as. But I cannot change that. All I can do is go back to the drawing board and make a good life for myself. Because WE aren’t ready.

I tend to share ugly parts of my journey because I want other twins to know how this works. It is no fairy tale, by a long shot. Twins come to me to tell me how they hate their twin, how they want to beat them up or yell at them. These are important emotions to pass. We go through so much negativity so fast, replenishing forgiving love. We are breaking out of our old structures to be able to accept this type of love. But there’s no reason to put up with bad behavior. If someone isn’t being grateful for you, leave. Twin or non-twin.

Again, if your twin is treating you badly, LEAVE. I have a very close friend who allows all types of abuse with her twin. It is not fair to either side. Use self respect and move away from the negative energy. You must protect yourself, this is why when twins separate, they tend to move FAR away from each other. They have to. It’s a best bet for the way the timeline plays out. You must be separate from each other or WW3 would ensue. This is nature’s way of keeping everyone safe.

If things feel off, they are. Use your intuition and trust your gut. Energy is truth.

Even in the rough times, like now, I know and have complete faith that all will be processed and handled via the stages in good time. As a twin that has gone through so much of this, there are so many odd emotional places and feelings and things that occur within our “reawakening”. No one goes through this if they don’t have a twin. Time changes and feeling your twin and processing negative out to unconditional love. It is very multi-layered. Not even highest yogis and spiritual practitioners have to go through it this way. So give yourself a hug. This is crazy, high level stuff. And it’s not easy or fun to break through all that we’ve been taught all of our lives.

I plan to have a nice holiday season despite my twin’s position in my life as of current. I cannot rely on anyone, but myself, to make me happy.

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