Easy healing/What is a soul?


As a junior therapist, I’ve come to find that there’s many ways about going about eliminating pain and false beliefs. There’s the one way where you can take apart each fear and ask why. Why am I afraid?  What does this trigger in me and why? You can go to a therapist and they will ask those questions to you and then charge you money. You can go to a trained EFT therapist and they will tap on you and make you say affirmations until you have hit a center of emotion and then release. And then there is a totally different approach. “The soft and gentle way.” Meditation and music.

I started doing chakra bowl meditations about a year and a half ago. Thinking, “What possibly could I see or feel through music and meditation?” I tried my own, which sent me through a rough version of 4 past lives and ended with me crying as I was a dog burnt in a dog house by 4 lousy kids. I did the chakra bowl meditations and the first time I remembered being stabbed in the stomach with a sword while convulsing on the floor and crying to myself in  room of 30 people. Not what I had expected. As time moved on, my bowl experiences changed. I saw a few more things, but mostly now, I just see nice things. Perhaps I have processed all I can with these tones? I still see cool stuff.

So I ended up Googling some bowl meditations to send them to a friend and I found the 528 Hz meditations. Solfeggio tones that are mathematical in nature and supposedly heal a body/DNA..etc. They are frequencies that are there to cleanse and undo negativity. OK, I’m in! The first one I did, twice my twin texted me during it.Once at the beginning and once at the end. The sound did feel a little schwoopy. I felt a little better, but very warm and encased like being suffocated in a sponge. At one point I began to slide into the music and got scared. Like I was falling. It was trippy.

Music isnt doing anything to you unless it’s REALLY taking you somewhere.

Well. I did this one tonight and began to feel all types of stuff. “Let go of fear, overthinking and worries..432 Hz. Binaural deep theta waves.” Dude, whoa! I began to see things moving with my eyes closed and I could feel just how balanced the tones were. The high versus the low come together and begin to encircle you and forms this tension. It pulls thoughts and scenarios out and you release them. At least that’s how I felt. I began to slide into this one, almost falling asleep, getting slightly scared as I lost the bounds of my body.

And then I stopped it to write this blog. I was 20 minutes in.

I have many twins come to me and you can tell their frequencies just by talking to them. I tell everyone the same thing: WORK ON BREAKING YOUR FEARS. And no one wants to hear that shit. It is hard to confront them. I even had a freshie twin tell me he will do that next year. I said, buddy, you need to address that right away! And we both laughed. And this is how it goes.

Remind yourself of WHO you are. You are not the skin or the fat or your hair color or your bones. You are a soul within a vessel. I was thinking about it during the meditation whether it was in one point of the body or throughout. Many times I think my soul stays in my head and moves the rest of it. But I think tonight, it is actually dispersed into all of your cells. Why? Because people get sick when they are down. However, if you emotionally release the thing that is making you sick, often times, you get better right away.

There is an amazing connection between the soul and the body and illness or health. Many times, if you are balanced, you will not get sick. Even if you are low on sleep, drink like a fish and are stressed, if your mind and thoughts are solid, nothing’s going to budge. Emotions are a huge part of our health. And your emotions change once you do the “work” That work is to remind you of WHO YOU ARE. Not just to address fears. YOU ARE LOVE.

Look at it the opposite way. You are born as a soul into a vessel. You are light and love. And then the parents take over and make you into their own messy canvas of emotions. This was not your fault. However, it is your business to unravel that. Perhaps if you don’t want to look at the fears head-on, instead remind yourself that you are just an electric charge within a physical system that comes from and was born of love. And you are more interested in focusing your perception on that love rather than the fraught and scattered fears of those who taught you. Who painted and drew all over your brain, emotional and behavioral systems. You want to erase the programming and remember your core and source. You want to be free.

Anytime I am down, I don’t call people. I have tons of twins always offering love, saying I can email them too if I need help. I don’t go to people too often because I know where the problem is originating.. it’s in me. I need to keep unraveling these “things.” I lie down and meditate or go to the beach and speak with her, the Universe, who is me. And you and everyone else. We’re all the Universe. We are all God.

We forget who we are. It’s really important we remember the beauty and light we are, instead of thinking of the things are arent truly us anyway!

There’s different brain waves in meditation. Beta, Alpha, theta, Delta. I learned it young, Mom would always say, “You can’t think negative things in Alpha! Or during any of it! Only positive thoughts!” I find the deeper you go, the more you remember and can cleanse. It doesn’t mean you can’t do so at a higher brain wave. Go in with an open mind, you will be impressed and perhaps shocked at what you see and feel.

Over the next two months I am going to be doing many of these deep release musical videos. I see so much stuff with the Solfeggio tone meditations, much more so than the chakra bowls. I wanted to share and I will share some of my findings when the experiment is over.

Have a nice weekend! Keep remembering who you are!


Image taken from sydneymeditationcoach.com

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