The dance

The energy that I feel today is very strong, but strangely, it is quiet. It is ripping through anything it can and strangling off the fake, so that only truth remains. A very early eclipse notion. I’m so excited for these three eclipses because of this.

We get lead into situations where we think it’s going to be A, B, and C and then come to find out it’s three other letters and you must arrange yourself to make it read right. The energy is tangled around old understandings and fears. So, one must arrange themselves to align with what is needed in each situation. Not all alignments are ones that you thought. That’s OK. We are all in transformation.  It is necessary to dance with this to allow the music and the air to shake away the fear. Keep reframing the dance as you must. The situation changes the more you allow yourself to FEEL the moves that you must make to allow it to dance itself out.

I’m going deeper and deeper into the dance, the music and the rhythm. I will allow myself pause when it’s too much. I will rest and get proper nourishment when it is necessary. I can hear and feel everyone dancing with me the more silent that I am. And if you are new here, welcome to the dance. 😉

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