4 a.m. science chat with the non-sleeping twin

(At one point, I will turn this into a page with better proof, articles etc. This was just a quick hour and a half go at it.)

I was walking into the woods earlier and sensing that we’re on the brink of figuring all of this out.

I can’t help, but see parallels between science unraveling more of quantum physics and the knowledge of spirit and soul working it’s magic.

I just had to block someone who was making fun of me about “feeling forces you can’t see and verifying them existing.” I am not Isaac Newton and I’m not playing with apples because you didn’t go to science class. I don’t have to sit here and explain love or positivity and it’s invisible effects, yet miraculous, on people. I just don’t. It’s 2016. If you haven’t had some invisible forces/miracles unearth themselves for you enough as proof, then you are probably living in a very dark, closed box.

All of us are going through some form of transformation.

I see connections to the following and this is where things get fuzzy, but I believe they’re all connected.

  1. Life through social media and becoming a digital entity. I didn’t have to see people for years to live. I lived through my computer. People still saw me,but the point is that they didn’t have to. If my social media updated you, I still existed. I became an electric human in this sense. My connection to over connected sites like Facebook had to dwindle and be shut off because there is so much data being hunted and connected currently that I no longer felt it was a useful tool. Instead saw it as a surveillance tactic. But don’t let it fool you. I am still electric all the way through.
  2. Truth rising up all over the Earth. This has been a thing over the past 8 years thanks to the Cardinal Grand Crosses, which I’ll discuss next. We are getting to the point, be it twin or non-twin where our own energy can detect lies very easily and we will, as a species, in the future, not be able to lie. Anything hidden is now becoming unearthed and shown to the public, whatever that truth may be. Political scandals and cheats, giant financial bank scams, the government collecting emails and phone data. NOTE: ALL OF THESE THINGS BEING UNEARTHED ARE OF LOW-VIBRATION ACTIONS AND ENERGY. Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Anonymous being major players in this. But something else propels them.
  3. The planets and astrology plays a major part of this. It is a science that works, but isn’t studied enough to predict every single thing. And certain groups of people tend to be afraid of science and truth. The Cardinal Grand Crosses of 2010-2012 were a series of squares (meaning tension) of four cardinal planets fighting. Then came Uranus Square Pluto and it’s 7 dates over a span of years that marked tension. This article explains A LOT. Since all of energy is affected TOGETHER, humans as well as the Earth feel energy’s shifts and so then I began to watch the moon phases and earthquakes. We had a supermoon on 19 March 2011  A week before  is when the Japanese mega earthquake/tsunami hit. Strong moon energy tends to begin to “hit” a week prior.
  4. We are now watching from a distance the scientists at CERN and the Large Hadron Collider come up with all types of new data about particles and energetic forces. We know energetic forces to be the four basic . They believe they have now found a fifth force. This doesn’t include how subtle energy of the body/spirit plays into this. YET. But we know it is connected. But as they uncover quantum truth, we, as a weave of a blanket become in tune with it and work closer to TRUTH.
  5. Fear vs. love. We are watching and living in the world with terrorists doing horrible things, governments doing horrible things and the most fearful man running for an American President. We don’t have to wonder why bad things happen at his rallies. His ignorance and racism propagate negativity and what most people understand as “hate.” Fear is non-truth. Evil is fear in action and confusion from love. Hate is pain/hurt. Negatives are going to be exposed and wiped out during what’s to come. Basically, we are watching fear fight love through humans. We must consciously choose to focus on love rather than fear to help “fight” it.
  6. The ever changing weather. Mother nature is shifting with the energy that we are experiencing as well. This could be the death of everything as we know it if weather doesn’t equalize over the next ten years.
  7. The twin flame phenomena in all of this. As twins, we are more energetically in tune with what truth is. I am surprised that there has been such little study on twin flames, in general. We are living proof of quantum entanglement and the twin photon. Even stranger, we are all connected and are magnetized to each other. I attract twin flames like crazy. I am psychic with most twins too.

I had figured that once the Cardinal Crosses were over and Uranus Square Pluto passed that all would be neatly wrapped up and done with as energy was very high before. Instead, I was horribly wrong and it has only gotten higher and higher. (my twin and my motto: higher & higher & higher & higher & higher, off of a Tumblr name we both liked and were thinking about using for the company we were going to start)

I’m not sure WHAT is going on, but we still have an amazing amount of STRONG energy ripping through all of what is non-truth. Last months eclipses and even this month’s moon phases are sooooo strong. I have been non-stop with communication from twins, art people, random people. I have barely been able to sleep for 6 weeks. And from what I’m guessing, it will ONLY GET STRONGER. Proof of energy being high? The last 5 near 7.0 earthquakes in the past two weeks:


I’m sure I’m leaving out major things but I will add them in as the day progresses. I am only awake because of cramps. Or to write this. But either way. WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MOST GIANT UNRAVELING OF ALL THAT EXISTS IN HISTORY! Bold and italic’ed. I’ve been watching this for years now, feeling it and writing about it. Be excited because all of the dots do connect.

My prediction based on energy alone, all of what we know that exists, will have to exist in a different format. There’s no way humans/ the human body can handle this type of energy. We do not have the ability to keep up with it. Instead, we will transform back to a unified consciousness aka home. I’m kinda tired of buying clothes anyway.


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