Dedication and a few other things

I want to start this blog as I start meditations. Giving and sending love to all of the twins who I deal with daily. You have helped me and seen me through the lowest of times. And it’s a joy to watch all of us get so much further than we were. I’m very proud of all of you! And I’m excited for all of us! I think it’s finally getting somewhere. Last months eclipses were very helpful for allowing us to see more clearly.

I have a friend online who Ive been talking to for months. And two weeks ago I got the message: “Deb, I think I met my twin! We’re so connected and I feel love for her in such a short period of time. The synchronicities are off the chart.” And then he sends her pic, cos I asked him to and yep, she looks just like him, tattoos and all. Then I get the message a week later: She’s just a manipulator! I want nothing to do with her! I said, “Dude, you sound like all twins do..hahah!” And let it go. Today SHE added me on TFU insta. Out of millions of users and I have 45 followers, she is one. HA!

This has happened before. I was speaking with a twin overseas and quite intensely as he was very shaken. And he pleaded with me to reach out to her. And I said, :I can’t do that. She must come to me naturally.” And she did. And I explained things in my normal, dry flat way.

It’s funny just HOW connected we all are.

It’s even funnier how there is a generational thing to this as us twins who have been in separation for a year or two or more now have totally different perspectives than freshie twins. Some are even stubborn and want to hurl shit at you. It’s like being an older sister. You want to duct tape them to a wall so they stop scratching and punching you. I laugh, it’s funny. But ultimately, they have to deal with their own behavior however sharp it is. Us “older” (those who have been in separation longer) twins know. Underneath everything is love. We do our best to guide you while you are still in raw stage where you are still hurting badly. We remember. How could we forget?

Like, we went through fucking HELL. Together. Yes! We were there for each other in horrible, horrible times. So we know. And eventually you will feel better. Progression is a good thing. We’re very forgiving and always have open arms to those who are in need.

I’ve been explained that I am not allowed to hide anymore and that I must keep building this and my art career. And so I do. For awhile I had a hard time and now, it is not so hard. It’s hard to imagine that one email to some guy in 2007-8 became like this giant thing I’m still dealing with 8 years later, but in a totally different way. But this is my life now.

Apparently not everyone appreciates that, but at least I’m honest. Not everyone has the capability to understand the twin flame or even anything more exciting than organized religion. And we have to respect that.My new life tends to freak people out and I have pruned off those who can’t quite handle it because I really have no time for the resistance. I’m too busy being an awesome artist twin flame! I am unapologetic, even with million year old friends because I DONT CARE! I really just don’t. I will not let anything stop my path, purpose, truth or direction.

Yes, this is my life now. I am here to help those who need it. Not those who deflect it. If you are going to be ungrateful, you cannot stay. That’s the way the energy works. Strangely, this idea has helped multiply the wonderful people in my life that I am grateful for. Life is good now.

Funny because I am also not allowed to really post negative stuff anymore. This was understood recently. I have no interest on harping on negatives. It’s a waste of time.

So that all been said, I want to point out a few more things.

Energy is on super high still. As I get further into this, I don;t need the same sleep, the same things as I once did. I can heal myself easier now and I am more liquid when it comes to energetic connection. I also don’t need to talk to people as much as I once did. But I am looking for tight connections. The longer were in this, the more I can sniff you out faster as to what were going to do for each other. And I’m seeing so many more energetic connections from a far. Very interesting to watch.

I am very excited about my new set of paintings. Today’s was a success and a failure at the same time. It was good because I can use the first one as fodder to jump from. I’m sensing a major shift in painting method for me. As well as materials. Acrylic and canvas just dont cut it anymore. Time to upgrade. I need something a bit more luxurious.

I am also excited about my garden. I am doing everything text book this time plus some fun additions. There will be amazing shifts in gardening this season. Sky is the limit. I am extending the property into the woods, I am using all spots necessary, finally building the bridge over the creek, the grass is 6 inches tall already and the back is lush and will only get lusher. I’m growing trees, sunflowers to suck up toxicity off the property, making swales and dry creeks, reordering the beds to 9 from 4 raised boxes, fruit trees and shrubs have been added and a second white fence will dot the property line for decoration. Shit is ON FIRE! I just wish my body could keep up energetically with how badly I am going to abuse it. That’s a whole other story for later. Let’s see how it goes. EEEEK!

There’s more I’d like to say but I will just relax myself and instead say good night to all of you.

Good night kittens.


For my twin, since you read all my stuff: Scratch my name on your arm with a fountain pen.


And though I walk home alone, I walk home alone. But my faith in love is still devout.




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