The things after the thing

I wrote a blog on my Blogger back in the day about the thing after the thing. It was about those small minutiae that come to you as you’re leaving a relationship and how they, overtime, begin to form the next part of your life.

I even wrote something on TF Torture back in the day about how I had the choice to worry about my friend or just go mow my lawn. And I mowed my lawn, instead of worrying. And the friend called later. But I had my whole lawn mowed and it was good that I focused on that instead of sitting and worrying about my friend.

Life for twins is totally different than others. Then add in our change in time. As you all know, it’s not the same for us once we’ve gone through this.

So many twins fresh to separation are still in mourning, are still awaiting a phone call or a letter that won’t come for a very long time. Like, years. So, as one who wondered about how long to wait, let me assure you. DON’T.

This is personal, as each twin has it’s own time metering system in their mind. And mine was steadfast for awhile. But as time goes on, you can even feel that you’re not ready and so eventually you “give up” or “move on” as this craziness insists. And before you know it, you have a new life with new players, new realities, new everything.

There was definitely a shift during this series of eclipses. My severely focused life has just become that much more severely focused. I see a transition with each one of my twin friends. Each one of us has made it to a new room in the twin flame house of horrors.

Kidding. Not really tho.

I’m going with non-resistance as the easy guiding light in this mess. If it’s working, work with it. If it’s not, move away from it. Don’t worry, trust the Universe, she’s showing you the way through non-resistance and her own forms of love.

I know you were hoping for juicy details. I can’t..

Things are good. Things are moving. The weather is crazy, but the twins are working hard together. We’re bounding together to help the other newer twins. Welcome to the Matrix. The real one. Fasten your seat belts now, it’s quite the ride.

I’m excited again. Things are getting so good that I truly couldn’t be happier. Why? I let the non-resistance guide me and it keeps sending me gifts. So many gifts, that life is finally turning around! As I just pulled an angel card at the bowl meditation Saturday night:”In the next few months..” it said.

Damn straight, angel card! I have some super swift and electric tricks up my sleeve. I’m gonna RIDE your crazy wave like a nutty surfer. IDGAF!

Have a great week, kiddos. Sending love to those who need it. Love and light.




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