Stopping the data-grubbing fear contagion

This morning I decided to log onto Experience Project after two weeks not checking it and the website had posted a note. Within the note contained some very interesting language, that I as a writer decipher into something a bit larger.

The next screenshot says that they are freezing the website as of April 21 due to these above concerns.

Let’s step back a second.

We know based on all that has happened since about 2010 that the govt is watching us and collecting information. Our phones, our emails, any online action is being watched and collected. I met a data farmer last month and he explained to me how they just take a whole bunch of variables to try to sell us things based on what we post. And Facebook is horrible for this because they are so interconnected to so much stuff. Google also high on the list of pulling info.

How do I know? Google TOLD ME when I had to get on a plane last year. It knew which hotels I was staying at and where to pick up my rental car. Funny thing is though, I never told Google that.

Understanding that this underlying energy is fear-based in flavor is important. Like a data farmer, take apart how fear-based people work. They are up in arms every time something happens, they complain a lot, they often don’t take risks. They feel powerless daily. They tend to worry about other people and what they do instead of themselves. And they often pull shit like this, collecting massive amounts of information that really, doesn’t do anything.

Why? Information doesn’t control people. People do what ever they want,  whenever they want. And that is something that needs to be understood.

Between the government doing whatever they want, trying to control people and then people doing whatever they want, there is a lot of false control here.

Let me pave the path to serenity for you with the first step: You cannot control anything that happens except the things that you do. You are powerless to fear-based moves by the government, to people’s moves, to the weather, however ruthless it wants to be. Accept that powerlessness. And you will let go.

This can happily weave itself into the tf life. You cannot control your twin. You can only control yourself. This is where true power comes in.

You control yourself. You control what you think. You control what you do. You control your focus. Empower yourself.

Take it a step further and begin to change your perceptions as to why this is all happening. The tf thing is happening to make YOU better, not to drag you through misery daily.

The government data-grubbing is fear-based and it’s a power trip designated by fear-based thinking, attempting to control masses of people. Very much like Hitler and trying to control the Jews (See Donald Trump as a present-day example of this fear-based living.)

Bring it back to how this country was founded. Taking over land that wasnt ours to begin with. Fighting native people. I see this as a karmic loop. The fear-based machine that began it all, that alludes “free speech, land of the free and home of the brave,” is not so free and no so brave. These are are fantastic illusions that have been placed in front of us as very young people. And then you wonder why America’s rates of murder, depression, alcoholism, gun-violence is so high. It’s based around the general core of the machine that founded us. Which is slowly eating itself.

This doesn’t mean it can’t be great despite what we have grown up woven into.

If I woke up everyday and thought about all that I put online and that I was in fear daily that someone was going to do something about it, I would have probably had a heart attack by now. As a tf I realize that none of this matters, they can never data farm my soul, that my soul will always be free, even moreso if I don’t ascribe to this fear-based thinking. That is what holds everyone down. FEAR.

There’s so much fighting going on in the media, but on Tumblr, there is so much love being spread. It makes me sad that this intense fear is getting so intricate that it is leveling our resources of connection. Perhaps one day, we will have to go back to connecting only face to face.

This brings me back to the paying attention to love over fear. In all cases, of whatever situation you are in, think back to the core of love, the foundation for the Universe and it’s web that cannot be broken. During tough times and rough energy, this is a good tool to implement as it will bring us a lot higher than being driven down by daily drudgery.

If you keep practicing and spreading love, it will do something. It’s the only way to neutralize the fear that is so prevalent in today’s society.



2 thoughts on “Stopping the data-grubbing fear contagion

  1. I stay at a hotel outside of San Diego with some friends once. We paid cash. Yet a day later I got an email asking me to review my stay. I asked my friend, “We paid cash at that hotel, right? I didn’t use my credit card?” “Yep.” “I didn’t fill out any paper work that included my email, right?” “Yeah.” “How the hell did they get my email address?!” You know my email. Yes it has my first name, but not my last. It really made me think.

    But yes, there is soooooo much fear in the media. I stay away from all that. Once in awhile I will watch The Daily Show for a laugh, but other than that, I stay away from any news. Yesterday I went to close my mom’s door because her TV was too loud. When I went to do it, I could hear she was watching Trump (she’s a supporter). As I walked away I couldn’t help but think “This is why she’s miserable all the time. She surrounds herself with fear and negativity.”

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