I seem to be at a loss for words

I am currently unable to write anything palpable. Bear with me. Maybe in a few days.

For now:

-Things are coming at me so fast and it’s obvious I have no control over what is happening. I’ve had to let go of the reigns to allow things to coalesce as they do. I like letting go and letting someone else handle things, sometimes. I can be a perfect potato when necessary

– As I ask, it comes. And I’ve asked of a whole bunch of things that are all coming at once. It is hard to keep up with the frequency of it, but that will die down in time.

– I am coaching some new twins, which generally means I have to talk them out of a black hole. I am the middle man. I can open your toolbox and allow you to see the tools you have. You must choose which tools you use and how you use them. With simple instruction, you can understand the fundamentals, but it takes practice and experience to use them to your advantage.

– The general idea is to ride the wave. This isnt normal energy by any means. But you will be surprised how many dead branches are shooken off by this type of energy. I have lost more people only to gain more. This is just how it works.

– I put everything in the Universes hands when they get too obnoxious or tough. Then I laugh when the tormentor must deal with her instead of me. I am easy compared. I learned this young. Which is why I don’t believe in revenge. I believe in balance. And balance can be a motherfucker. ;*

– Truth is always God and truth will always come to the fore. Any deceptive practices will be illuminated, so expect that. No matter what. Truth will always be law. I take comfort in that.

– Fear AND love are very difficult for twins to deal with. It is our fear of love that makes us so crazy. In time, we figure out how to accept the love. I was told over and over by my twin that I didnt believe that he loved me. This wasnt true. I always knew he loved me and still does.  What it was that bothered me was his interest in other women despite our connection. Totally a different story.

– We’re all getting hammered with this energy and it’s not quite over yet. In Sept, we have three more eclipses which will be probably as strong as these: Aug 18, Sept 1, Sept 16


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