A few misconceptions

This week has been very illuminating to how others feel about twins. A few misconceptions came to light and I would like to illuminate those who are perhaps confused.

  1. We are not perfect. I do not wake up with rainbows and laser lights shining out of my ass. We are regular people. I curse like a trucker. You will get off the phone with me and probably have to go to church. We all have flaws and that’s WHY we are twins in separation. We are working our negativity out to become more positive. We do not always HAVE to be positive either. That would be a giant LIE. Many times we do not feel positive and to expect that is ludicrous. We all have issues, jobs, things we don’t like, characteristics we’re trying to shed. Anyone who even seems positive all the time is just pretending. Let’s be real. We are real people.
  2. We chose this. I chose this like I chose my gender, (natural..haha) hair color and race. Instead, like all the rest of the twins I know, it has been thrust upon me. Perhaps as a parting gift for all of the lives I have lived. If it were truly a parting gift, it wouldn’t be so difficult. But, there are positive sides to it as well. Ultimately, we feel as outcasts because no one else has to go through this near us, usually. And that is very hard. This is why I’m always promoting talking with twins.
  3. I saw a few comments about sex and gender and sexual preference. This blog is anti-racism and anti-sexism. Twins come in all type of flavor and color and sexual preferences. I am neutral on all of these things because this really doesnt encumber what a twin flame is and therefore it is not my job to address these things. My job is to help twins.
  4. A twin flame is two people. There are blogs that believe other things. This is their perception. All of the twins I deal with have one twin. A couple think they have two but I think in time, they will come to find they only have one.
  5. The things we do are negative. As we get thrown into this, there are things we do that aren’t like normal peoples’ relationships. And when we go into separation, there are also things we do that aren’t normal. Judging us for doing what we feel is natural is negative. So please don’t. We don’t live normal lives after we figure out this twin thing. Our negativity comes out and we have to check ourselves, each time. Each part of it is a learning experience. But what most normal people don’t understand is that there is no such thing as negativity. It is just what is. All of the things that happen, HAVE TO happen for a reason. And perception and expectation is the thing that labels something as negative or positive.
  6. Long distance. This got brought up today and I wrote a blog about it awhile ago. Many twins tend to gravitate to two separate points on the globe, sometimes there is a third or fourth. But we are at a distance often. For a reason. It helps soothe us I think. If your twin were close during separation, this would probably be a disaster.
  7. “It is awesome being a twin flame!” No, it’s not. It is very, very, very hard and this is a daily fight.We are fighting with ourselves. It is painful. Like I said, we do have positive parts that are really cool, but after the initial meeting and hangout (3-7 months, sometimes a few years,) we’re in separation for an exorbitant amount of time to work stuff out. And during regular people holidays, social events, parties, we are alone and people then ask,”Did you get married yet?” My answer is, “Yes, but he ran away.. haha.” And we both laugh. Haha. Heh.
  8. The ultimate goal is to be with your twin. – This actually translate honestly into: The ultimate goal is to fix yourself so that you can be with your twin. Why else would we go through all this shit? To repost pictures of mountain ranges, angels and buddha memes? LOL!
  9. You can just call/label yourself a twin flame. No, you cannot take on the definition unless you have three features of this “thing,” that doesn’t link up with a regular or soulmate relationship. Real twins have it. Those who are not sure, don’t. I realized these three things tonight as grand indicators. There’s even a few more I would consider on the list as well. True twins will be able to comment and be right on the money because we all have to go through it. And in general, being in this for about two years now, it is very easy to figure it out from just talking to the person.

I will add to this list as I come up with more within the sphere. Til then.


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