Vichyssoise.. a French potato soup. My cat is called “my cat” because she is a cat and not a dog. These are defining labels. It helps us identify them. A twinnnnnnflame is a twin flame. A soul sliced in TWO residing in two separate bodies.

Not 3 or 4 or cartoons or pillows or ice cream cones.

The relationship is defined, has it’s own set of stages and symptoms as well as us. And we are identified under the same common traits that we share with other twin flames. That’s what defines us. If we don’t have x, y and z, we are not twins. We have yet to come up with a true test for this, but I’m sure in time we will.

Conversely, you can not just say, because you feel like it, I am a twin flame. If you don’t hold the same attributes as twins, then you are not a twin!

There are many people in the community that have unnecessary negativity towards twins and the label. “Who cares about labels, we all need to let go of the labels. Who cares what you are?”

Yeah that works for soulmates and regular people. But once you realize you are a twin, there’s no going back. And that’s why it’s necessary for twins to stick together. Because other people don’t really understand this thing that happens to us.

I have a few theories that I’ve come to understand better in the last few days. When we realize and recognize our twin, we have then activated and opened this strange portal. We are no longer just the human being we are, we are the many humans before it too. This opens up and releases many things we forgot and then begin remembering. As we remember, this can be painful because many times, the strongest parts and most painful parts of past lives will come through. This is also when we can no longer go back to living like a normal person. Nope. Now we’re twins. And then all of these strange things begin to unfurl around us. We are one soul that has traveled through many lives, often with our twin.

As twins we can see right through to the intention, the core, the most important information. This helps unlock the ego. Many times I would fight with my twin and I could feel both layers at the same time. The love layer and the ego layer. And that causes friction because you don’t know how to feel. I love you but why are you doing this. Or why am I?

As we work out our negativity, and yes it gushes out at moments, we are going through some type of energetic rebalancing. We have to go through this to see what is real and what is part of who we were told we were as the original human before we recognized our twin. And then we have to cut that person off of us. Through actions. Each one. Slowly. And as time goes on, we become more positive than negative.

I love my twin. That will never change. But I say some of the most fucked up things to him in times of anger. At a distance. This will not work. So until I undo all of my negativity, we have to stay separate.

Each twin couple has their issues. I had a twin ask me last night. What is keeping you apart? I told them.

We, as twins, don’t have the same perception after we go through this recognition period. We also do some very strange things including stalking, constantly thinking of your twin, random bursts of anger and crying. Do what you have to do to rebalance with your twin. Do what feels right to you. We are all learning. Don’t let others’ views of us encumber you. And definitely keep fighting the negativity off of you. Keep unraveling the ego. Keep seeing the love. We are not like regular people anymore. So why do we have to live like them? We can’t!

I do believe that we as twins are connected.This is also one of the theories I came up with when I would think of twins I knew on Tumblr, an hour would pass and one would call. Or the next day one would send me an urgent message. We are able to see right through things. I’ve had a few twins lie to me and because I love them, I understand this is an old behavior pattern they are working through and they, over time, have stopped. THAT IS INCREDIBLE!

We do have a lot of abuse hurled at us because people don’t understand what we go through. I haven’t eaten in two days because I was trying to figure out this puzzle. With my twin friend Robin’s help, the wall just fell down. And everything has fallen into place again.

If something is off or feels wrong or confusing, there is a reason. We can sense the inconsistencies. We cut right to the point. The fluff disperses and the core shines through, whatever the core may be. The lies phase out and the truth is uncovered. Truth might as well be synonymous with love. It is basically the same thing.

This series of eclipses has been unbelievably rough. But as twins, we are strong and eternal and infinite, just like any other soul, but we remember that and it changes things. We are pure energy.

Keep persevering. Don’t stop. Keep going.





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