Thank you all for everything

Another newly recognized twin flame. In my circle. I saw her at my best friend’s engagement party tonight. I explained it to her and she said,” Well, what if the other doesn’t want you anymore?” and I laughed and explained.

As you all already know, I’m in a very strange position explaining it as I go thru it, while being shadowed.

After a conversation with the grid, I am no longer allowed to give out anymore information, at all. About myself or the tf process unless solicited directly. It insists. It says I must go back into the force and “blend.” To reintegrate into society and follow the new rules it has laid out for me. Things are getting crazy for me now, anyway.

We never asked for this. None of us. I know how hard it is. I have many catch phrases that I use on twins although it’s not always easy to follow through with them because they are much like difficult stomach exercises. It’s annoying/it hurts/it’s uncomfortable. And I dont always follow them either. The most prevalent is this “Remember and think of the love, not the fear.” And even if you have to remind yourself 6 million times, that is THEE theme of the twin flame. As well as life.


We made promises that can’t be unsigned. I am never going to give up my fight to be done with this and get us through. We will figure out the way. It might get ugly before it gets better. Whatever it takes..ya know? I have to apologize. Never in a million years would I choose this as “the way” for us. What a horrible process to just become lovers! Whatever force invented this is INSANE! I wouldn’t put anyone through this process, even if I disliked them. We never chose it yet, here we are. We’ve learned a lot, but I’d rather just have my metaphysical husband back instead of playing this “game.” It’s a truly miserable process that I hope ends soon. I’m jealous of all of the people who dont have to go through this to keep their husbands and wives. Doesn’t seem fair. I hope my silence helps.


It has been a pleasure writing on here and maybe one time in the future, I will return.

Any personal inquiries, please send to the email on the contact page.

Thank you all for being amazing.

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