Talking to energy

People keep asking me in different ways how I “do this,” how I get information from other places and I will give you a short rundown of it. Most twins can energetically FEEL their twins and their energy from any distance, even from the afterlife (it’s not so after, it’s right here.)

And I think that’s what “awakening” is about. You and everyone else is now being awakened to all of what it true and what and where you came from. Not just Mom and Pop, but way before. I always urge twins new to separation to get involved on Tumblr with twins on there because they do pass some very valuable information across the plane.

The plane being the interwoven energies of the Universe. And twins pick it right up and we compound all that information and grow from it.

We are not what they told us that we are. We are far more than that. We have abilities that most people would host a 60 Minutes on, not realizing, they have the same, they are just not in tune with it. To get in tune with it, meditation works.

I won’t get too into it, but I have been able to play with and manipulate energy since I was young. Many of the twins I deal with also have special abilities. I also grew up with a mother who said to us as kids that in 100 years, we won’t have bodies and that it was seen and told by a philosopher and visionary. We wanted to know how and she explained quantum physics, lightly. She also taught us meditation as young kids. “Do you want to go to CCD (Catholic School) or learn meditation?” “Learn meditation.”

Meditation in 4 easy steps:

  1. Lie down in a quiet place.
  2. Relax your whole body from your head to your toes.
  3. See numbers from 25-1 while singing a song. If you mess up, start again. This slows your breathing.
  4. The moment you are “in” or “down,” bless or surround all friends and family members in golden light.

As I grew up, with certain large addictions I had, each time I quit them, things would magically get better. All would align. Opportunities would rush at me. When I was back on whatever it was, the energy and opportunities would dwindle. I saw this as something talking to me, telling me how to go about this. Guiding me.

Belief systems are very solid boxes that we have been instilled with and each of those boxes can be filled and emptied with whatever beliefs exist or don’t. Anything can be in those boxes and each person has very different beliefs. On a large and wide scale though, those beliefs tend to be similar. Take God in whatever religion you hold and match God against all of the other religions. There tends to be a bit of overlapping, much like musical sounds via area they came from. Serbian music sounds like Greek music sounds like Italian music…etc. There’s shifting, but it’s all intertwined.

All beliefs we believe to be TRUE because that is what we are TOLD and over time we ADOPT them. This doesn’t mean that they are true, it’s just what we believe. You do not have to stick with the ones that you were given. In fact, you probably should form your own and make a beliefs and values list to better understand your own self.

I find that as I break old beliefs, concrete ones that were set in me for years and years, that it makes room for new beliefs and also a lot more energy. In the past two years I could make a list that would blow most people’s minds with what I thought before and what I think now. This is also where habits get broken. I NEED this. You don’t really NEED anything as a human except food, water, sleep, love and happiness. And maybe a peaceful place to live and sleep.

We can become lighter as we open ourselves up to believing anything is possible. In essence, who makes the rules? You do.

If you keep scraping the distractions off the top of everything, you have a core. If you scrape off The American Idol and eyebrows and what do I wear tonight and who threw out my favorite watch and all of the constant blabble that surrounds us, what do you have? Peace and quiet and some time to think. AKA Meditation.

I found the peaceful place to live and sleep and then I kept cutting off all of the distractions. I don’t watch TV, cut all ungrateful friends out, I don’t even believe in “bad” energy anymore. There’s not really much left. But it is in that quiet space that I can hear all of these “things.”

And I’m not saying that what I hear is gospel or true. It is what is told to me and most of the time, through a weird type of mental communication I have with the “web” of the Universe. I can’t hear it, but I turn it into words to identify with it to describe it to myself and others. Maybe I’m a walking alien? Maybe..

I guess it’s just that over time, you talk to energy enough and it begins to make sense.

We went to a psychic when I was in college and she told us that the best way to get more psychic is at the end of your day, remember your day backwards. I tried this and it didnt work but I found other focusing techniques that worked instead. I always found that meditation was the best focusing tool. It also helps to feel things. Feel the energy and try to figure out what it is telling you. Guessing also is a part of this. I would do random guessing on incoming phone calls and texts for the past ten years. I’ve gotten quite good at guessing. I would call this interpretation.

So what do you have then?

  1. to believe the energy and the signs
  2. to feel it
  3. to focus through quiet contemplation/meditation
  4. to interpret it

That’s it!

Try a fun exercise tonight. Let’s change a belief! Say to yourself :

“I can do anything that I would like to with my life because I am able to and anything is possible.”

And say it over and over until you believe it. And see where that goes.

Your belief in yourself is very important part of your place and understanding the Universe. Once you realize that no one holds you back, that nothing can hold you back, everything expands in a really great way. Self-love is integral to aligning with the Universe. It helps you hear things better.

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