A message from the Divine Lineage about Resistance

I was in bed, happily rolled into covers and I said: Geez, it’s been quiet. And then Scott came to me and changed all that. He said I need another favor. I said, yea sure. I miss you, btw. And he was like Yeah, yeah..this is important.

I said OK. He said you need to pray that I make it through this barrier soon. They are gonna find me soon (Or I am am going to find out about him soon) and I need to break thru the barrier to get reborn. Can you pray I get thru?

I said Whatever you want. Knowing just fine that this is not how this works. (It’s all already written.)

He said thank you, thank you.

And then a larger force came in to use me as a channel to get a message thru.

The message being about resistance and current eclipse situations.

Now. Understand I have been talking and been being used as this channel for sometime and we equally use each other. Tonight, they insist I post this blog before I go to bed.


Where I stand in understanding, we are part of a giant web of electric information called the Universe. There are sweater arms to it that extend off the Earth and into space. This is because a lot of information comes from off the planet in energetic form. I am not saying aliens do or do not exist. I am saying there is energetic information coming from everty part of the Universe as we know it, on Earth and off. Part of this information is in a set of thin lines/ very thin points of light/energy(?) (I see it as that) called “The Divine Lineage” or as others like to call it, Ascended Masters. They are part of the instrumental writing of this whole story.

Now, if you understand we are players in the story, certain things cannot happen during the times that other things happen. I am speaking with a twin about this, about he and a soulmate and it’s just not working. I said, then stop doing it and focus on yourself. Why? Because it’s not going to work with the resistance that is pushing against it.

I was taught in film school that if you push too hard on a piece of equipment, you will break it and ensue thousands of dollars in problems. This is not always the case, but essentially: You cannot push something that doesn’t fit. And the longer I am in this grand and awesome “story” I see things set up in such synchronization that I cant believe anything but it being a story. The story is delicately woven with time and thought mathematically sewn in by, you guessed it, the Divine Lineage.

They are also a part of the way that the planets affect us. And this includes eclipses which tend to have a very opening or shutting effect on situations.

It gets better cos my interpretation of 1.5 divine lineage just came to me in very sharp metal pointed suits (as smoking hot women) with similar headgear glowing purple and told me to tell you to all


I will have to turn all of these weird things that come to me into a page on here when I’m not going to sleep.

If you are worried I have consumed something special tonight, the most exciting thing that I have had is Jasmine Tea.

So anyway, they, she and another halfish one came and told me to tell everyone to relax and watch for this resistance. To not push against resistance, but to only say yes to those situations saying yes to you.

What do I mean? Example: I just got off the plane a week ago and usually I would be like, Dear sister, why are you bringing me to a spiritual gathering, I was just on a ten hour flight? Instead I said yes to the situation, went, and met people who told me things I needed to know including: YOU CANNOT HELP THE TWIN.

Which I already knew but they put it differently: YOU CANNOT RESCUE ANYONE. And that sank in.

I had many of these ah-ha moments, like when another time someone said,”You carve the way people treat you.”

Another resistance situation. Me being awakened after doing a 13 hour get better quick nap to get over food poisoning before jumping a plane by my periodontist’s office. The woman kept talking and I kept saying no to her and she couldnt hear me so she made an appt with me at the wrong time of the day. I was going to reschedule but I will keep this appt.  Something tells me I should. Guess what day that is slated for? The 8th. The first eclipse. Perf.

Another yes situation. I kept getting sick and grossed out from all the food on my trip that I had a vegan salad the morning I got up in Lake Tahoe. And it was fantastic. My pants are falling off of me already! And when I came home I had no cheese left so I think I will try out vegetarianism/veganism. I like vegetables and they always like me back! I also like animals! YES all around!

So I will write this out better, the understandings I have been coming to have, the reason why there is nothing to fear (cos basically youre always protected and cannot escape the weave or it’s story) another time.

This applies to anyone, not just twins.

I know this all sounds insane and perhaps my visual equations of it are crazy, but this is how it is told to me. I am apparently going to be used to get messages across and this is fine. I can handle that responsibility.

During eclipses, if you lose people(/places/things/jobs/cars,) it was meant to happen. You cannot hold onto every single person in the world forever, it just doesnt work like that. At one point a few years back, I lost like 200 people over acquaintances, friends, best friends, whatevs! Every single one was just like POOF! All of them are GONE! I DONT CARE! It’s OK! GO! Don’t take it personally. We all have the next lily pad we need to jump to, we’ll all get over it. If I see you again, I’ll wave and smile.

There is this frantic energy with some twins to claw their twins back to them. That is never going to happen and if you have this energy, it is definitely not going to happen, myself a casualty of this as well. This is the type of energy I confront often.


You need to chill and relax and go to a movie and maybe for a run and perhaps a really long one to think. If you see someone running at you, it kinda makes you nervous, no? When you are in this position and many of us have been there, you have got to remember your self worth and all of the positive traits about yourself. You are perfect as you are, you deserve the world and the right person comes (back) at the right time. If they don’t come back right away, go do something else. The list is extensive. There is always plenty to do. Be creative.

But definitely don’t work with closed people/energy/paths. That’s not gonna work. It’s like begging someone to be your friend. The resistance is there to tell you that something is broken and needs to be fixed before it can fit correctly. Work with situations that say yes to you. Do not work with the ones that are closed, disinterested, non-communicative or dead to you. It will be like dancing in the dark when you keep moving into yes positions. And things will then illuminate for you.

Good night and good luck.





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