Fun in behavior breaking

Being on this path for awhile now and in touch with some people who are forward and progressive thinkers, I’ve come into the understanding that change is not bad and also can be fun and exciting.

We may feel stuck at times and so I hope this blog helps a bit to change that.

We’re molded and slapped into our restricted adult states and many of us do not agree with the way this was done nor the resulting effect. This leads to bad perceptions of ourselves and feeling guilt, shame, negativity in trying to be ourselves.

One person I deal with is perfectionist. I said to her,”I give you permission to be a mess for a day. To completely go off routine and do what you like to do. You dont have to be perfect everyday.” And she said,” Thank you,”like I freed her from something horrible.

We dont have to do anything and at the same time, we can do anything. The only person who stops us is ourselves. So for those who need it, I would suggest you grant permission to yourself today for things you would like to. And only you know what these things are.

And in some cases, it doesnt have to be a complete loss of control by granting permission. Say if you have soft willpower, grant yourself permission to be stronger. “I grant myself permission to make healthy choices, I grant myself permission to take time to do pilates each morning, I grant myself permission to get restful sleep at night.

It can go anyway you want it to go. Obviously, don’t do illegal things, that will just land you in jail. But, I think you catch my drift.

We’re brought into this world under someone else’s hand. The idea in eliminating behaviorial problems is to make yourself happy and live a happy life. Then the ill behaviors tend to melt. Once core is aligned then the rest falls into place.

The way we view ourselves is a big part of this. If there is a limiting view of yourself, your abilities, your personal view of yourself..imagine that it is not there. Imagine you CAN do anything you want and are ABLE to do the things you want to do. They have the exercise,”Imagine you had a million dollars, what would you do? And do it anyway.” Because its not usually the lack of resource, its the lack of belief that you can do said thing. Money can be found. And the same goes for how you feel about yourself.

Imagine you were the perfect version of yourself. What would you do differently? Take the time and use this as an exercise and it will bring your spirit up. I am using this exercise now and have been during my whole vacation. My daily habits have changed drastically.

You can be anything you want. You can do anything you want. In fact, the quicker you get to this understanding, the faster you will realize your dreams. The limiting factors are holds placed in your mind by others which may have stunted you or your spirit, but you can let those go now. I give you permission.





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