Great news


I AM LUMINOUS!! One of my girls has stopped hitting the wall, has accepted that she needs to do a little work and is now in the process of divorcing her husband! This is so great! I was moved to tears today with her bold actions and stepping up to the plate. To see one of my twin friends move is to watch us all move. This is beyond exciting for me because shes making the right choices to stay faithful to her twin and make room for him, despite being married. Im so happy to see movement and positive action. Xo to you and your twin, baby!!

What else on the roster? Each week I have 1-4 people Im helping w something.

My friend has just relocated and were helping set up accts to get him higher in artistic hiarchy to get him where he wants to go.

I am also talking someone out of suicide. Which is a multi layered task and has an abnormal timeframe based on emotions. Shes far too young and doesnt believe in the afterlife, so Im using whatever i know to get her out. I think its working.

Also. One of my twin friends is moving into the city and that is big cos I finally can hang out and chill w her.

Lastly, Im taking a large vacation w my sister. Very excited and think it will be cool.

Lots of good things moving.

Ill keep this short.


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