Happy Valentine’s Day twins

We are having some very strong waves this week, very similar to Mercury Retrograde that seem to be impacting over the past few days. It’s making a lot of stuff move and I sense it’s the impending March eclipses as I felt them as far back as January.

I had chunkily coughed out a blog this morning for this and I’ve decided to hold onto it for later. (It needs major editing as it’s not flowing correctly.)

Instead, perhaps, my only advice for now would be to just say something nice to your twin however you communicate. They will feel it and it will bring you both higher.



My house is booming and cracking. It does this when it gets below 20 degree weather. Everything is always moving. Nothing is ever solid.

Except for the love of your twin flame.

That is solid.


As you read this, somewhere your twin is thinking about you.

Happy Valentine’s Day.




Era: have an amazing time in Germany! (Inserts Iphone emojis) haha

Singapore: Haaaaiiiiiiiiz. I’ll be in touch around July. Til then. NO MORE PEACHY!




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