Twin Flame vs. Twin Soul vs. Twin Ray

I came across a link last night that explained that there are such a delineation to the groups of soul connections. Since it’s a lot to write out and I don’t really care to, please refer to this link to see what I’m talking about.

Anytime I come across something that seems questionable to me, I send it through to the other five original twin flames that I began talking to as I entered separation. The reason I send it to them is because as a whole entity, we do establish truth. Not that I cannot make my own decisions or act alone. I know how I feel about it, but I ask them to give me their opinion and it’s an overwhelming NO on the above article.

Why? We feel that they don’t know what they are talking about, that they are inventing these ideas to make it perfect. I believe, as I have talked to many twins, that there is only one twinflame/ray/soul. There are not 12+7+1.

This doesn’t mean that one doesn’t have other soul connections. Soulmates are very real and sometimes with differing intensity. I do have some friends that are exact copies of me, rather than the mirror. They might have another name for that. I’m not sure, nor do I care.

As twins we understand our connection to our twin to be sacred. It is true quantum entanglement. You can’t NOT love them. And your life will change because of such love.

No other of my soulmates have this effect, although they bring a lot of love into my life. My twin friends all have their own connection to me, which is also deep. But none have the ability that my twin flame does in mirroring or intense energy or telepathy.

Based on the above link and other links that feel this expanded soul connection idea is truth, there isnt much difference between twin flames and twin rays based on definition of what they have offered. And there will never be a way to PROVE it. We all must go on feelings and energy alone.

As real twin flames, we do not ascribe to made up definitions or theories. We can sense truth and anything that falls outside of truth, stands out like an alien. But still, everyone is still entitled to their own opinions.


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