Aside: I just got an email from my mom:”Maybe there are two?” And it had a class for finding your soulmate attached. I laughed and said “If there is more than one, I’d probably be dead from intensity alone. I have many soulmates who I have great karmic relationships with.”

My family all have different reactions to my spiritual awakening and the twin flame quandary. My mother, who has an opinion of each one of my boyfriends, surprisingly never had one of my twin. It was always neutral and so I find that interesting. My cousin who I just spoke about it in great length on the way there and back from snowboarding is doing his best at digesting it. He’s actually doing really well with it and I’m bringing him to a chakra bowl meditation soon. My sister has a twin flame and we won’t get into it but she has always been accepting of my twin except as I went into separation. She was quite angry. I told her to relax. She has since relaxed and is going through it with hers now.

I am lucky to have an amazing amount of twins in my first circle: my only girl cousin, my sister, three friends I grew up with, one’s twin being the first guy I lived with while I dated him (her pleading as my friend 20 years ago- please don’t date him, because she knew we would.) and my secretary. It’s weird how it’s just expanding around me. My one friend though, after I talked to him about it, was very adamant about it being a “bad thing to believe that they are coming back.” Well, one person’s denial is another person’s truth. His twin ran off and had a kid with someone else. I can understand the pain he must be feeling. He doesnt want to talk about it and so I just don’t anymore.

Girls, however, like talking about stuff. And although sometimes the Tetris board of emotions that separation provides seems impossible to switch around, it does, in time, move. That may be why it’s so “slow” of a process, but technically, it is very fast because we have to eat and accept many truths in a very short period of time.

I read “Spiritual Partnership” by Gary Zukav as I decended into separation almost two years ago, May. And I barely remember it, but somethings stuck out. One was that intention was a very important word because if you have the intention to do something, you will form your behaviors around it and it flows better than if you just say I’m going to do this. ( I also could be wrong, with this being another Zukav book, my apologies if so) But what did stick out in Spiritual Partnership was that honesty between the two spiritual partners was absolutely essential.

He uses one example of the two of them out dancing and there is a woman that he’s checking out. And his partner Linda asks,” Do you think she’s attractive.” And he says,”Yes.” And she says, “OK.” And there is more to this obviously, I’m skimming horribly, but what can the other do if one is attracted to someone? Absolutely nothing! We could get jealous and really what would that do but show off your own insecurities.

So then expand this: No matter what your twin is into or IS, you have to accept it and find a way to assimilate it. But then, what if your twin lies to you and says: No, this isnt me, even after you have plenty of proof that it is? This makes things very difficult because then, you are not only confused but also, you have no clue what is going on or who your twin is. And your relationship suffers because fear and doubt creep in because then you are questioning the energy between the two of you.

There was an article online that was discussing the one thing that would keep twins apart and it was lying. And it’s very true. If you are going to sit there and lie to your twin, they will look at you back and just say,”Bitch, please.” We know you inside out and backwards in a very short period of time. Now the lying part is not eternal, as you cant keep twins apart despite separation. We heal ultra quick and forgive with lightning speed. But the situation must change because no relationship can handle deception, especially when you are as close as twins are. Like if my twin came back and kept lying, we would go back into separation. Because that needs to be healed. Twins can’t stay together if one is lying.

Because in both ways, they are lying to themselves. Through denying it because they cant even admit it to themselves and also to you, who, technically IS them. So that’s twice the wound.

My twin would say,”Don’t believe this about me, I really like you!” And I would be very confused. But I know the truth now. And always will. This doesnt give very much room to maneuver. And I’m sure that’s scary if you live in a world completely fabricated with deceptive actions and lies. But if you don’t..if you are honest with yourself and your twin and are straight up even about the most painful things, then who cares?

I could say a lllooootttttttttt of things right now. But I’m not going to. Instead, I will say this.

We worry about these ridiculous things that we have no control over and also arent based in reality. It’s a facade, it’s good press material or button pushing behavior care of your twin. But if you stay truthful to your vision and focus through this fucking awesome process, then you will be much happier. I am talking to some very nice people and our conversations ARE based in reality. All painful situations explained and aired in the open, therefore, honest and true friendships are being born.

I can’t lie about who I am to anyone. I have far too much twin flame blood on my hands Not that this is a consideration, but, I feel no necessity in lying about who I am to people.

Perfect example: my snowboarding incident last weekend. I am in shit shape, my legs are unable to support my twists and turns boarding for a good few hours. So, instead of kill myself and keep boarding, I got off the board, couldnt walk for two days and am now back at the gym building them up to support a hardcore thrashing. If I kept boarding, I would have probably gone to Emergency Room with major muscular damage. Gotta be honest with yourself.

I urge you to not only be honest with yourself, but also stretch yourself to answer any uncomfortable questions your twin asks you with truth. In time, it will all be forgotten and only stronger because you have built your relationship on a strong core. Not lies, which only promote fear and doubt.

Love is truth. Loving your twin means: I love you so much, I will tell you the truth so that I don’t harm or break our special connection. It will only make it stronger if you are honest.  You can’t stay in a relationship with someone when you constantly lie to them. The relationship will just fall apart. Twin flame or not. With twins, its more serious because we can pick up on small inconsistencies in energy. I urge everyone having a hard time with this to practice being honest in their daily lives with family members and colleagues.












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