Omelette pictures

I am cooking a stir fry for lunch today and I couldn’t help but think about how well my twin can chop vegetables. I have no patience for it.20160203_105128.jpg

So then I thought,”Let me be experimental and make a blog detailing all of the things I could think of that I like about him.”

His ability to chop vegetables is one. If you ever need someone to make you a mango salsa, my twin is your guy. He would send me a daily picture of the omelettes he made, vegetables sliced and diced into perfect centimeter cubes. We even went to a party once and I had him make a salad for the vegan crowd and we sat and watched across the table while people slowly inhaled it. In ten minutes, it was gone. I wish I took a time lapse of it.

He is very warm and sweet, a very snuggly guy. He has an accent unlike mine that is adorable and all of my friends have likened him to a farm boy. (The first time I talked to him I was like..Omg I’m gonna eat this guy alive.) He dresses pretty much like I do, no frills, but still stylish. He is still, in my opinion, the most gorgeous man on Earth. Weight gain or loss, floppy hair or not floppy hair, opinion intact.

He listens to really good music and that music range is vast, which makes it more interesting because usually (save the Brit Pop, haha) all of it I like. And I never meet people that listen to really good music like that. Consistently.

His body is even shaped like mine and the way that clothes sit on him, the way he walks, the way he dances, for me, is like being hypnotized. Like we all know that insane sexual energy you get when you literally want to eat someone’s flesh down to the bone. That’s how I feel when he prances around. At one point, I called him the wiggly ghost because this is a very good summation of it.

Many twins have an animal as their symbol and ours is a bunny. And it’s pretty accurate. He is soft and cuddly and cute and shy. His energy tends to be unlike a wave, but more like thousands of fireworks going off in a line. This is how I can easily find him online or know it’s him. It goes and goes. Maybe it’s all the asparagus.

Before I met him, I was like, “Who is this hot NYC photographer peeping on me?” And every time I looked at his face, it would change. Every single pic he looks different to me, so at one point way before we met, I stopped looking for pics of him. Instead, I formed a picture of a cute blonde guy in my head and that is the best way for me to meet his energy. Even the colors of his hair and eyes would change to orange and grey in the right lights. He was like a shimmer of glittering energy. I don’t see the depression or the sadness that he spoke of. I see the underlying river of energy which is constant.

I think he made a good name for himself despite odds against him in the biggest city on Earth. It is hard to get recognized as an artist and his work was so prolific that it made it into big art websites and magazines. That’s because his vision is so strong and he is very focused. He is also really good at getting awesome jobs, which I suck at. He is shy, but that makes him work on these projects that are really very different than most art. I always thought it was cool that we were both artists and we both knew to stick around NYC to find each other.

His very opposite side of me: the slow, calm space cadet. But it works for him because he is kinda hazy. Most of his music is the same as well as his art. All blendy. Mine is sharp and colorful and brash. If we ever had a kid, they would be the most absolutely middle of the line kid ever based on our swings from left to right.

I like how he is delicate and can’t handle drinking. Or even when he gets upset and he can’t handle it. He once saw me slam my leg into a metal fan with the force of a tornado and I hurt my knee so bad that I fell over and screamed and almost lost consciousness. And there he is above me, “OH MY GODDDD! YOURE SO CUTE EVEN WHEN YOU’RE IN PAIN!” Well, kitten, the same goes for you too. Tears, red dots by your eyes, blotches on your face that you’re always pissed about, even when you’re puking.. All super cute. Hehe.

We are both writers too and his style, again, exact opposite of mine. We wrote a blog together and his would be a giant run on sentence of thoughts in motion. Mine was specifically detailed with tons of commas and periods. You could always tell who wrote which blog but I always found it interesting to hear how his mind thought.

From the beginning, our communication was very strong. I had to change my phone plan to unlimited for all of the texts that I was washed with. I’ve never met anyone who could text like he could.

And lastly, the magnetism that we had was like no other. We tried taking walks in the beginning of just meeting and we only lasted 15 minutes walking. It was very hard (LOL) in the beginning to really do anything, but have hours and hours of sex. And Im not a morning person, but he changed that. Little bunny sleeping was very soon little bunny being pounced on for the next half hour. And then there was tea and coffee and back in we went.

Let’s just say it was never boring..


















And he eats pussy like a fuckin rockstar but you didnt read that.




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