The last bit of the running phase

I’m fighting with myself deciding whether to make this a TFU post or not. I will, just in case it helps any other twins confused. I was just going to write this straight to my twin, but perhaps it can benefit others as well.

I didn’t plan out the last few trips to the ocean. I never asked to speak so easily to the Universe or to the deceased. I never expected any of this to be the way it is. It all comes as a surprise to me, is what I’m saying. I set out on the path when we split as a way to make it through for myself, for us both. To survive. Not to become,”Mamma twin flame,” as my twin from Singapore calls me. LOL.

I’m sensing you’re in a position where you are frantic. You don’t want to be where you are mentally. All of what you knew is melting away. You have choices, but I only see one good one and it is this.

If you want to repair your mind frame, you have got to look back to and remember the love. Remember allllll of what it was that we had together. The good times, the inability to let go of each other, the infinite love. As a 3d entity, we were taught to protect ourselves. But how are you protecting anything if you choose to focus on the negative?

You look to me, searching frantically to find the key. But it’s within you. And that’s where you will find it. In your mind. In your perception. Make it a daily practice that will seem like a fight at first. How can I reverse these thoughts of when we mirrored badly? Realize that we have traveled a journey, through a mountain to elevate. We are not the same anymore, as we once were. We’re only better.

There’s nothing scary about that. Consider it like going back to infancy. Being absolutely powerless, yet ensconced in love. Protected by the innocence of not knowing negativity. By being a fresh soul. We have got to detach the pain and confusion and conditioning to get back there. And the only way is through perception. You are being protected by a daily choice of love over pain/illusions/fear.

Don’t believe the illusion that we are anything, but love. You knew this to be true when you looked in my eyes. You can go back to this place again. We have no choice but to return to this place and that’s the only way we can survive at this point.

Think of pancakes and snow and dancing in Brooklyn, the badly timed garbage truck, the moon the first night, meeting at our corner, bunny bars, the orange book, the fences, the crying on New Years eve drama (haha), sex until we lost all muscular usage, our selfies and photography, the rooftop brunch, the wedding, the two twin blogs, endless text messages, the worlds best cucumber salad, the way you cut vegetables and the gay banana guy, our future art shows and business endeavors. The gifs, the fox, our mirrored art, shopping together, music playlists, the burnt fish. Everything was cute and is and always will be because it’s us.

The only way for us to move on is to let go of the pain and move back to love.





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