The fat lady has sung

I was sent off to the ocean again this weekend. And I only went for dinner and a walk and she decided we would have a conversation. Yes, the lady in the sky.

And in weird waves, she showed me she was sending him back to me. I said,” Come again?” She said, “Yea, he wants to come back.” I said give me 6 months to a year to prepare and I’ll do my magic and you do yours.Β She said we’re over the midpoint already. I said, “Are you serious?” There was more to this conversation obviously, but the deal had been made.

She said ok, we shook and I walked off the beach.

So after you have a conversation like this you sit and think about a lot of things. If I don’t believe it will it stop it? If I believe it, will it definitely manifest it? I’m not sure, so I’m taking a neutral tone and sticking very tightly to what I agreed to for myself. Belief is a big part of twin flame life because you have to believe in your twin and also trust them.

This weekend, the rules changed again for me. I am supposed to be enlightened and yet I still make a mess with, ahem, “….online things.” And so I rewrote my own rules to how to conduct myself from here forth.

The energy has been hella high. I’m already feeling the full moon of the 23rd and the eclipse begin to tighten things already and that’s not until March. I had a panic attack last night and yesterday’s energy wasn’t so great. I never had a chance to exercise and that jolted me awake at 430 am to entertain giant life problems and solutions, only to have me whisk back off to bed, unable to fully sleep, instead see tons of new paintings to paint.

The night that she and I had this conversation I did have a dream about him. We were just trying to walk and talk and be normal. He was holding my hand, backwards as we usually do, he was smiling. I didnt have much to say. I let him talk. We were at lunch on Saturns’s rings. There was a lot of bright light.

And that’s my big story for the week.




2 thoughts on “The fat lady has sung

    • Haha πŸ˜‰ She said you have to ask and the answer she gives you will reverberate through your system.

      She’s funny how she gave me this information. She made me cry and insisted it was him and I could feel it through all parts of me. It was almost like an earthquake. During that there were parts illuminated that had to quiet and others that must get stronger. It wasnt just like a heres your answer, have a nice day. She lead me through a small story. But through it I could see. I hope that when she provides you with this, as it was a surprise, cos I technically didnt ask her, she TOLD me, that it is peaceful. ❀🌺😊

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