Theory of past twin life

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David Bowie had a twin soul. But ended up a philanderer, never going back to her. He brought his talent to the public and made it last. Thats what he was meant to do. The last 23 were spent w Iman. Easy. It’s easy when you dont fix the broken things but then you cannot go back.

But it was meant to be this way for him in this life. He has to go find her again and do it over. One has to question how much control we have over this.

I thought last night about our past lives, the ones I can remember. There was no separation stage minus the one in which he left permanently for war and died, my death following after being chased by men on horses in armor and them swiping me in the stomach. In another I left early from an aneurysm.

We didnt have to endure the twin structure. We just got married, had kids and lived happily. Why on Earth must we do it in this life?

I have no clue. Perhaps its that it/she wants us to be done with our recycling. That we have reached ripeness. If we dont in this one, we have to do this again. I would prefer not to come back as a human again. But if we do, I do hope they fashion us with better teachers next time.

I died early in one life and so did he. Karma swirls back and forth.


2 thoughts on “Theory of past twin life

  1. It most of the past lives I know about, Matt and I separated without ever having reunion. Only once, Medieval Scotland (where Matty was a knight!), did we get to be together after my son (whom my nobleman husband thought was his, but was actually Matt’s) was grown and gone. I think that is why, no matter how much reassurance I get in this life that we will be together, I still fear maybe we won’t. At the same time though, this is the life we’ve had the most to overcome simply to meet each other, which makes me hope reunion will happen this time 🙂

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