The voices in my head: Speaking with the deceased

Well, this is interesting.

I was “contacted” again tonight by my friend, who we can’t find, but I can hear in my head.

He was somewhat frantic. He and his twin got pulled apart in the afterlife to be processed back in  (he’s on line to be) and he contacted me to find her to tell her to find him.

I’m like,”Dude, you know how this works! You will both find each other again!”

I think he is forgetting? Or perhaps coming out of a coma. Or something else..

I am forming a timeline for you to understand how this works.

Within three days of our last text he came thru loud and clear as an image. I was in my car and I could feel and see him and I heard him where I hear those who have passed. I said to myself, maybe I’m stressed but I hope you are kidding me.

The next day while in the woods, before Christmas, this may have been Christmas Eve, he is wildly loquacious, happy and I hear him at 10:00. I usually hear people at 2:00 or 10:00, my head being the middle of the clock. He’s super la-la and blabbing on and on and I can’t keep up or hear the whole thing as it comes through very much like dream words. I tune in and ask him questions of which he answers.. yes, i’m dead. ( I ask him this multiple times and each time he’s like,”I already told you!! Why wont you believe me.” I stop asking.)

I’m like… I really hope you’re kidding me. But hey, good for you if you’re happy. We have an almost 5 minute conversation like this. He tells me to be strong. I say OK. Realize the weekend before I was on the phone with him and we were both feeling weird. That Tuesday before was when he sad he felt “time was off and something feels wrong.” I sent him pics of my cat staring at me. He laughed. Even weirder..the last pic wouldnt go thru so I had to resend it. That was the last I heard from him.

Monday after that I’m at work and I hear him. He’s beaming. “I found her!” AWESOME!!! His twin was deceased for the past 5 years. And after that, he stopped talking to me. Well, kind of.

I asked him some questions a few days later while shopping and he answered in his voice..they retain their voice when I hear them. They also retain energetic qualities. So if they are sad or frantic or freaking out, I know. And when they are freaking out, things arent well.

To aside: His twin came to me last Christmas after I got off the phone with him. That’s how I knew I could hear the other side. She freaked out and stood next to my tree while I was on the couch (came in at 2:00) LEAVE MY MAN ALONE! I was like WHOA!!! I don’t want your man! I have my own!

I call him and he’s like “are you serious?!” I was like YEA!!! He’s like “Send her to me” This is while I’m now on my bed and she is in my doorway staring at me. The second the “S” comes out of “send,” she flies like a banshee in his direction:West.

I’m like..”Dude..she just whisked off!”

So let’s come back to the present. A week after I get all this in, I check his online accts which all stop at Dec 15th. A week ago, I go to the ocean, because she insisted I go. Her being the big lady in the sky and so we had a chat. And I decided to contact him while there and he was all cutesy with me. I said,” Where are you?” He said,”Haha! I’m not gonna tell you, but they will find me soon enough.” I said, “THIS ISNT FUNNY!!!” He laughs and trails off.

I think about it. His phone is still accepting messages and I sent him texts that never got answers including about him passing. No online obits.His Tumblr reblogs end Dec 15th with, yes, a twin flame- two candles burning. Maybe he got in an accident. I don’t want to imagine these things. Christmas and New Years pass and how can anyone not find him? I know he has kids. None of which I can find online. I dont know. Maybe he’s in the hospital.

Anyway. He came to me tonight at first all pretending he was fine and that changed quickly. He’s like,”You need to talk to her for me! She needs to know and remember!” I said she will. He said,”No, you have to promise me, I can’t lose her again. You have no clue what I’ve been through!”

Ok, Ok.

They’re both coming back. Her first, but now theyre both cued for it. Before they were hanging out and just chillin in space. Things have shifted.

I will do this for you tonight Scott.

I will talk to her for you.

Update: I just called his phone and it goes right to message.







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