Happy New Year

I’m rescinding the last blog. It is not healthy to be remarking someone has passed when I still have yet to get the info. Stay tuned. I know what I know, but I’ll wait graciously for news.

I want to start by saying thanks to the eight twins who would open up their inboxes to twins in need of help. A big thank you from me and the rest of the community to you! You are the best!

Let’s hop right in.

I’m going to take 5 blogs I wrote while on “vacation” and condense them into one with less details.

Digital twins

We’re in the age of everything being online and having multiple social media sites enables twins to stalk each other with and without the other knowing. Throw in some proxy servers and a few counters and we have dual communication.

The idea behind separation is to SEPARATE. Not to hold on, not to roll on the floor gripping a blanket in fear that your twin is doing something you don’t want them to do. There’s two parts to this and let me explain.

The first part is communication beyond the separation line. You are still talking to someone that youre mirroring (badly.) If you keep talking to them while in separation, you’re gonna push them further away with your awesome antics.

The second part is the pushing of buttons. Your twin was made especially to push every insecure button in your body. This extends into separation IF YOU ALLOW THIS. Now, this can build you stronger over time because you really get to know who your twin is and also where your buttons are, wounds are that you need to heal. But you know what’s better than feeling like shit all of the time? NOT FEELING LIKE SHIT!

No way! Shut up!

Since I don’t know one twin not guilty of this behavior, let’s start the New Year on a new foot. Let’s back off of that are refocus our energy onto ourselves.

As we are all now digital twins, with varying levels of crazy stalking, let’s move our minds back to ourselves because 1. this slows the process and 2. you’re going to excel at fixing and focusing on yourself and this is what were here to do.

Bringing yourself out of DNOS

I have two or more twins going through this currently. And you must mourn for a given time. But, at one point, you have to ask yourself, why am I still in pain so bad? The only person who gives you pain is you. You decide how much pain to give yourself. And this can range from the loss of a pet to the loss of a human to someone murdering your family. Things can hurt for awhile. But it isnt the pet or the person or the murderer who gives you the pain. All of the pain comes from you. No matter what, you are the one who decides when it’s time to forgive and forget and move on.

As twins, the moving on part is quite fuzzy. Especially to us single, older ones. But I want my boyfriend/ girlfriend to come back! Yea, I know..me too. But that isn’t how this works. You have got to “move on” and “let go” to allow the other twin to breathe and make their own decisions and grow.

This is why I have decided to go back into the dating pool. It’s not to upset my twin. It’s actually to get myself in better shape and to take the focus off of my twin and put it back on myself. Dating is a good distraction. You never know what is going to happen. And in the end, we’re not jealous of each other because we ARE each other. So who cares?

Look at it this way: If you are sad, and you mirror that, how is your twin doing? If you are stagnant and waiting and not growing or experiencing things, what is your twin doing? If you are stuck on a substance, what is your twin up to? You don’t move, they don’t move. GET MOVING!

This year was unlike last year for me where I was a twin flame baby. I am a twin flame adult now, pretty secure in many new powers and understanding and abilities. Things will happen and progress naturally, eventually. But somehow I’v echanged my state of mind and basically have given up on my twin for now. It’s been a really long time. And this Christmas, it hit me. Time to start doing new stuff. I made new decisions and a list of what I want. It includes: love, passion, excitement, fun, honesty and a few other racy things. Time to do all that I havent yet!

2015 was mourning and his year. 2016 is my year. I am “moving on.”  What do I focus on now? Stuff I have to do. I have grown TFU, my twin network and my art network up quite extensively. I have A LOT of stuff to do. I have no time to think about it anymore because I know it just drags me down. AND I would like companionship again.

I know there’s other people I need to meet and hang out with. To what extent, no one knows. But I feel reborn in a sense. I have seen some twins move on and theyre doing fine. Over time, the perception shifts. Keep doing you, keep focusing on you, keep fixing you. It becomes a new life.

I wake up happy. I have a lot of friends. I have so much talent. I’m beautiful. I’m intelligent. What stops me now? Nothing.

I want all of you to get to this point. To be OK and happy and productive and really excited about life.

I got a really sweet email from the guy who I bought my house from. (He and I email each other every few months, still, almost 3 years after I bought the house.) It was very long and noted different things about lifes ups and downs, but it centered on love. (Awwww) And it ended with I AM HONORED TO BE YOUR FRIEND. And I sent him an email back (12 back and forth..this is how we roll..we love to talk) basically saying that I know that I know him from a past life and this is why we get along so well and that when I’m down, I will think about him and it will bring my spirits up and make me smile.

THIS IS LOVE! This is how it should be! Not upset that your twin is off doing x,y and z, acting up and being jerky. Ego walls slamming you into concrete until you are bleeding. One is abuse. And the abuser is you because you keep going back for more. Stop doing it to yourself!

There is love and connection all around us. There is a reason people come into your life. To remind you how beautiful you are and life is.

It’s not going to work with your twin until you get thru separation and allow all that shines in to transform you and in effect, mirroring into them. Ego not included.

I don’t have a solid plan except to do exactly what I want to and be grateful for those who ARE in my life. I have so many wonderful twin and regular friends. I love the work I am doing with the art and tf communities. Things are really looking up. I feel unstoppable. Everything comes from your mind.

Make really good choices in 2016. ❤






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