Theories about our energetic connections.

I told another one of my twins to guess how long she would be in for..”the slammer”..of separation. She doesnt want to know. I said..think to yourself and come up with an answer. Not because I want her to know, but because she already DOES know.

If I write on here and my voice reverberates as you read it, thats because youve read it before. Not that I havent written it before. But because you have already read it the first time around and its just rechecking with the layer matrix of time. This lifetime has been written between you and your twin and you already know the story, how the whole thing goes. And Im pointing out little clues about how you will remember parts.

“It’s a lie” is a password between my twin and I. A phrase to let us know to not read things as they are but how you feel them. He and I have set up a whole map of clues and symbols and phrases to keep each other aligned correctly whether together or apart.We even set up a meeting space and places to run off to that are acceptable to both sides. (We’re OCD like that.) So then we have seen the future already, it is inside of us, as well as the akashic record. Of course, and let me blow your mind, who said WE arent the akashic record.

Everything is delineated by form. That doesnt mean that we are any different than a dolphin, dead corn stalks or million year old dust. Everything is made up of the same things, we are all connected in a weave-type metaphysical blanket. Time is similar in that it is also woven. If we lay form over time, we have life/ a remembered lifetime. But being that we are twins, understanding energy better, we know that these two layers are merely made up of smaller things but ultimately one big thing. It is woven together tightly. This may be why we are so psychic with each other.

Once one puzzle piece comes into place, the rest begin to flow. Understanding we do have past lives unlocks many other unanswerable questions and answers them. Souls leave the vessel and come back in a new one. How? I dont know, I didnt go to metaphysics class that day, I slept in. Just kidding. We were there for every class and we all know everything. It’s just can you remember and truly trust in your instinct of what the underlying energy tells you to be true?

Yes, you can. The more you trust your instinct, the more you guess and get it right, the more you are accessing what is locked in a place that is not so easily touched by most people. There is a way to keep accessing it. But you have to trust your instinct. Begin to trust the silent energy you feel and when you ask questions to air, really listen to the answer it gives you. This is how I speak with the deceased. This is also how I know how to cook, bartend, be artistic in any sense. The whole pattern gets more easily understood the more you look at it and play with it. I have been doing it for awhile.

We dont really have to guess at how long we will be apart. We already know. The story was discussed and read to you before and you were given explicit instructions. But what if you want to cut the game? What if you understand the whole game and want to beat it or transport yourself off Pacific and jump right to Boardwalk? I guess they call that Quantum Leaping. You can do these things. They just take practice and focus.

I can hear some of the things I write as I reread them and hear them in his head too. All the way from here. It reverberates because it mirrors in us both. I have checked many a sentence between the two of us, thats how I would write our blogs for the both of us when we were still together. But I can still access that part of him (because its in me) and if I need to cross check info, thats how I do it. No lies here. Nope. They wont pass through both of us, only one. And thats how we all know what our twins think and feel. We are internally, innately checking each part of the energy within.

This is why it hurts to fight with your twin so much. Not just because they “mirror out” your insecurities, but because in truth, you are fighting with yourself. When we fought, it would hurt sooooo badly. It was not like fighting w a regular gf/bf. No, this was horrific pain! It is bouncing back and forth between the two of you in all of the places you exist in both of you.. Which is many many many places.

Another theory..some twins have tighter woven metaphysical “blankets” than others. My twin and I? We are suuuuper tight. We’re easily at 1,600,000 thread count. We look the same, were really psychic w each other and the love is always present, even in dark moments. Our families are of the same nationalities, from the same areas of this country and we are both artists. We are born only 6 months apart. We were only 250 miles apart and for 1/3 of our lives, 35 miles away. 

Why do I feel this theory is true? Some doubt reconnection and union. Some feel ego is better and wont stomp it out. Some want to continue on their merry path without their twin because karma has dictated and they know it. Some twins get remarried and can pretend. I cannot. And therefore neither can he. He knows he’s on FTW vacation for now. He knows he will be home eventually. Who knows where home will be then. (Hopefully, somewhere pretty and lively.)

What is lost in physical separation is gained in energetic connectedness. We learn in separation how to reconncet to what we truly are..home is alll around us, inside of us and neverending so its difficult to be lonely with the miracles of re-realizing that.

How to reconnect to this thing I speak of? Quietly converse with it. Speak to it, listen to it, feel it. Meditate w it.

Happy Saturday, kittens.

And bunny.

2 thoughts on “Theories about our energetic connections.

  1. There’s a lot I can comment on in this, but for some reason my mind wants to respond to this part:
    “Our families are of the same nationalities, from the same areas of this country and we are both artists. We are born only 6 months apart. We were only 250 miles apart and for 1/3 of our lives, 35 miles away.”

    I find it interesting because so many Twin Flames sites seem to focus on a sign being “different family nationalities, from different sides of the world, huge age gap, etc…” yet you mention how similar and close you were. That’s sorta how it is for me. I grew up in Cleveland, him in Chicago. Both midwest cities on a Great Lake that start with C and only 340 miles apart. Raised Roman Catholic. Eastern European on mothers’ sides. I am only about 4 months older than him. We are both artist even though we chose different mediums (when I was a child, my brother’s tried to push me towards acting). Idk. I guess there’s a reason for all it.

    I also want to say something about this: “What is lost in physical separation is gained in energetic connectedness. We learn in separation how to reconnect to what we truly are..home is all around us, inside of us and neverending so its difficult to be lonely with the miracles of re-realizing that.”

    Even though I am always aware of this, I think perhaps lately I have been longing too much again for the physical. I say this because I had a dream last night with one of my favorite readers in it. She’s the one who finally got me believing this Twin Flame business. I used to be stubborn at accepting the signs, so can’t really blame him for being the same way. Anyway, in the dream she made a point of saying to me “you know he is always with you. he is hear right now. you just need to notice the signs.” I started to look around for the signs I’ve come to recognize as him during waking life, except I couldn’t find any. Makes me wonder if there is something I am missing now in waking life. Like a giant clue acknowledging his spiritual presence with me.

    Eh. Sorry for rambling 🙂

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    • What made me come up w this theory was sending our pic to a twin and really seeing just how much we looked alike. The way our lips stop way before the corners of our mouths. The bright gleam in our eyes. We can make the same faces and look like brother and sister. Were both even wearing stripes that day..haha. And I think most twins do look like each other. But some dont as much. And some are not so interested in it. You ARE, Miss Robin and yes you and Matt look a lot a like.

      When I say connect to the energy, I mean not only to your twin, but to Universal energy. But I dont think it is so much a choice as much as it is a realization. And the more you realize them there, the more they are. I could go back YEARS to times I walked alone places and he was totally with me. I just couldnt see him then. If I look back now, he is right next to me on so many occassions. Thats probably why I was never lonely while I was alone. I like being alone. Its our quiet time together, in a way.And even still..hes always with me. We do stuff together all the time. I even look next to me where he would be and he looks back. It has become normal at this point. Same w talking to the air at him. Any non twin witnessing this would think I was crazy.

      And as much as he is there, all of everything else is there, too. I dont need to use tumblr to announce that I wrote a twin blog anymore. Y’all pick up on it just fine. I could even feel when he read it. I felt calmer. There are so many energies attached and even loved ones who have passed surrounding us and we can access them if need be. I just have to think of you or one of the girls or him and the message goes across. The more I practice, the better and easier it gets. Its nice. We’re all a part of each other, essentially.

      It has a really illuminating way it shows you what really is and what really is truth.There is a world no one else knows about (where we all originate..home) that we as twins are guided through to see and speak to it and explained in energetic form by patterns and symbols. Very much like Interstellar with him trying to contact her thru the bookcase. If you feel it and believe it, it exists. Learning to talk to it is absolutely exhilarating. Its like going backwards and learning how to speak energy, something we all know very well, but not as humans. Weve learned it far before we were born.

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