Darkness (with video thoughts at end)

Peace and love to all twins during this dark time of the year. I sense that the main machine is going to keep churning and churning until things are set straight. Time as an ever exploding flower which turns dark, decays the life and rebirths it all into a new form is the best example of what is going on. We are being pushed through something different than what human existence is used to. You can call it whatever you would like, but I sense it is to shake off all of the non-truth we have come to know as real.

I am going back to the luxury of being a baby. I am sleeping a ridiculous amount of hours with no worries at all. I am trusting of the mother. I feel safe in the arms of the Universe and I plan to grow strong once again, unraveling years of damage.

I’m watching many things go on at once and being on the other side of the wall, I have no fear about what’s to happen or is already happening. It’s supposed to and as rough as it feels sometimes, it will be ok. Everything will be ok. Each time I feel slightly unnerved I remind myself there is nothing to fear or doubt. And there isnt.

This all has happened for a reason. The darkness is getting tighter and darker. As I fall into the hole and down the slide I hold my breath before it sends me to the new place I should be. I have been preparing for this for awhile. It’s been telling me to work faster so that I’m ready.

Time has changed. Something slipped and is moving at a different pace. I’m not sure if anyone else can feel that. Something is behind it and I’m following my intuition daily to get what I must out of life as it cracks and becomes brittle and begins to fall away at the edges. Air is so different now.

I stay centered, locked through my core and it is drawn down through the Earth to the magnetic magma that is pulsing. As it shifts, I flex and shift with it. Like a surfer, I am liquid to the flow. Just keep going. Pieces of things will be thrown at you, above you, below you. Stay centered and focused.

Let the tension keep pulling you to where you must go. It knows and you follow it. It will bring you back through to the light.

Additional thoughts..

2 thoughts on “Darkness (with video thoughts at end)

  1. feeling that darkness sis and then some loud ass golfer disrespectful of my right as a human to be in whatever dark mood i have chosen yelled “FUCK YEAH” over from Hole 6, known to me as Lake Hole. Lake Hole on occassion has a new Beemer parked at its green for hold in 1 winners on that day. Today is not that day, but disrespectful golfer doesnt care what day it is bc today is his hole in 1 day and the fact that the car is there on occassion but today not being that occassion bothers him not. i look up and see a group of coordinating neat men in pressed cotton short sleeve collar shirts and KAK-He (hehe) shorts jubilant. a nearby swarm of knats is close to the one with the open mouth but I have a feeling he wont taste any bugs today. just a feeling.

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