Cracking twin code

I’m talking to four new twins on EP. Experience Project is an amazing source of twins and I’ve been using it for months. It’s very easy to find and talk to twins on there and most of my new twin friends come from there.

As one that speaks to twins in all facets of separation (the game) let me let you in on something.

It’s all a lie.

I am losing friends over being so blunt about it and it happens because twin friends push other twin friends buttons. I think the Universe set it up that way on purpose. We move each other along. Not that were not going fast enough already.

I talk to one twin friend. She is adamant about forgetting her twin (so she is the runner, although it was he who was running in the past (and he ran many many times)) and keeping on with husband and family. I ask her very sharp questions about how it feels. Would you date someone else besides your twin? Yes. Why? And then the tears come and it’s quite evident that she cannot begin to handle the ego part of this. She is holding it in to keep herself going and now I feel bad. And she gets physically SICK each time we have these deep conversations. Like cannot stay grounded because it throws her plan off of not addressing this right now.

I have another friend who is no longer speaking to her twin because he is married and wont leave his wife (but is fine w sleeping w her from time to time but wont stay the night.) They have been on and off for over twenty years. She has given up on him and now is dating a European. I say: What would happen if he were to walk through the door and tell you he divorced his wife. She looks at me like I slashed her throat and she says quietly: I would probably cry. But her last words to him were FUCK YOU as he was texting her madly. They got in a fight.

And this is why I write what I write so brazenly because you can see through both sides when you keep asking the questions. Neither side is free is ego. Neither side is free of bad decision making. We just, in our early stages, don’t know how to delicately go about this because our twins push so many of our buttons. And were not ready for that. Were not trained to deal with it. And some opt to run away and pretend that it doesnt matter.. And some opt to write twin flame blogs. And some just write off their twin like they never existed. Sad.

Neither side is wrong. This is what you learned and were taught and is natural to you. But that must break. That fear must break.

I am an artist. I am not lucky like many twins because I cant stay offline for too long. I have to build my company, my name and my following and it is essential I keep that moving despite wanting to climb under a rock and sleep for about 300 years. My twin and I both have social anxiety. I figured my own anxiety out when I quit drinking. It is very hard for me to go to a bar or a party without drinking because people’s energy, in all of it’s wonderous forms, is just too much for me. And that’s a great calmer, alcohol. So I am very much to myself a lot.

I can’t come online and write something like this and then say fuck my twin, I’m gonna go bang 6- 20 other hot guys. Oh, I can. Trust me, I have in the past. But currently, that isnt part of the plan because I did drop ego and I cannot lie. I have no interest in other men anymore. Yea sure, they smell nice and sometimes are ok looking, but if I already have a metaphysical husband, why do I need a stupid boyfriend? To pretend? I dont need to pretend. I met my one. I will see him once all aligns and my art empire is finished. That is where my energy goes now.

The ego part of this is a giant lie. I’m gonna make up 50 reasons why I cant be with my twin when I think about them 50 thousand times a day and stalk x number of their internet sites just as much per day. I’m going to continue on like nothing happened and stay stuck in a traditional mindset and not accelerate and not grow and not ascend. I’m going to watch this from a distance, pretending as if I were the victim, yet the whole time, trying to upset my twin with my stupid actions just to help them understand how much they get to me. I gonna pick apart my twin when really I should be doing inner introspection and working on myself.

It is all such a lie. It’s not true to you, how you feel or what you want to do, yet you’re still doing it.


Just ask yourself why? And if you have valid reasons, fix them so that they can realign with allowing your twin back in.

Don’t lie to your twin, because they will then mirror it and then lie back to you.

2 thoughts on “Cracking twin code

  1. I went out with my brother-in-law yesterday and he asked me “would you ever consider dating someone else?” I paused for a moment to check in with myself and then responded “no. There is no one else.” Because it’s true! I’ve never really had interest in other men BEFORE meeting my Twin, I’m certainly not going to have interest now. Then he asked me “what if he gets married?” “Last year I used to be so afraid of that, but I know he won’t. Not to her anyway.” And it came out as such truth, no doubt whatsoever. It was interesting.

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    • And if he got married it still wouldnt change how you feel about him anyway. If you were to only date others because of that premise, that would juat be mirroring his bad decision of getting married. I never know how other twins get married to others after they met their twin. Seems like such a horrible choice. Ah..maybe for another blog. But yes, if you stay true to yourself through this, I think thats the only way.

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